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A powerful application that can help businesses take care of all their products, customers and sales from a centralized interface

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Handling numerous orders and organizing the product inventory, while keeping a close eye on the sales and the current stocks are business specific activities that often require dedicated utilities to be carried out properly.

Inventory Management Pro is one such tool and it aims to make it easier for business administrators in particular to oversee the transactions, product stocks and purchases that take place in their stores.

Appealing and practical interface for ease of use

The appearance of this software solution is quite polished and the operational commands are all easily accessible from their dedicated menus which are presented in a manner similar to the ribbon style introduced in more and more applications.

There are numerous options for changing the color of the sales graph and there is plenty of space inside the main window for viewing stock and inventory data, reports and other kind of information contained by Inventory Management Pro.

Complete inventory management and POS feature set

Thanks to its ability to handle more than one store, this program contains a wide array of tools for storing and editing customer, user, product or sales data. There are numerous lists that can be created, each corresponding to a certain category of information that has to be managed.

Stocks can be adjusted and transferred, while users can add new entries concerning payment terms, product brands and types, as well as vendors or purchase orders. The built-in Point of Sale function comes in very handy as it provides an interface for selling products. Returns and exchanges are also included o the feature list and so are the activity reports, product, vendor and purchase lists, sales, refunds and many more.

A friendly solution suited for all kind of businesses

Bottom line is that Inventory Management Pro succeeds in offering a very useful helper for all those who have to take care of sales, stocks, clients as well as many other business related activities.

The POS interface is a welcomed plus and it is simple to work with, so even less experienced users will have an easy time operating it.

Inventory Management Pro was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on May 26th, 2014
Inventory Management Pro - Adding new users inside Inventory Management Pro can be easily done via the dedicated area of the program.Inventory Management Pro - With Inventory Management Pro you can also manage customers and add new ones from the corresponding area.Inventory Management Pro - screenshot #3Inventory Management Pro - screenshot #4Inventory Management Pro - screenshot #5Inventory Management Pro - screenshot #6Inventory Management Pro - screenshot #7Inventory Management Pro - screenshot #8Inventory Management Pro - screenshot #9Inventory Management Pro - This is the main window of Inventory Management Pro that allows you to access all the features of the application and take care of products, clients and stores.

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