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A powerful and reliable inventory management application that can help business managers keep track of employees, customers and vendors

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Company managers have a lot of things on their hands, from organizing daily activities to creating a long-term relationship with the customers, so as to make the business profitable. Medosoft Inventory 2011 is a full-featured software solution that can assist them in keeping track of inventory items and managing customers, vendors, employees and taxes with a single application.

Run your business with ease

With its well-organized interface, Medosoft Inventory 2011 makes it easy for you to access all its modules and features. With just a click, you can view the customer database, create a new invoice or generate a report.

You start by setting up the database configuration, payment methods, warehouses, the used tax system and the company information. By default, MS Access is used to store all your company's data, but you can also configure a SQL Server connection.

Track inventory, customers and vendors

Medosoft Inventory 2011 can be used to keep track of all the items in your inventory, remembering names and descriptions, barcodes, sale and purchase prices, tax rates, vendors, categories and so on. Furthermore, it enables you to assign a photo to the product for easier identification and add it attachments, such as scanned certificates or invoices.

Despite its name, its functionality is not limited to tracking inventory entries. It can help you manage product orders and comes with a module for generating and printing invoices. Additionally, it enables you to create a complete customer and vendor database, storing contact information, addresses, locations, phone numbers and e-mails, as well as additional shipping details and custom notes.

A reliable business management tool

Medosoft Inventory 2011 brings all the tools one needs to successfully manage a small or a medium business. Not only that it enables you to manage inventory items, but it can also keep track of customers and vendors, orders, invoices and employees. With the tools that it offers, carrying out everyday tasks can become more simple.

Medosoft Inventory 2011 was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
Medosoft Inventory 2011 - Medosoft Inventory 2011 will help you with your inventory related work such as invoices, customers or vendorsMedosoft Inventory 2011 - The Inventory menu will provide users with Find Item, Group Items, Receive / Reduce / Transfer stock optionsMedosoft Inventory 2011 - Users will be able to access options such as New Sales Invoice, Find Invoice or Set Next Invoice No.Medosoft Inventory 2011 - screenshot #4Medosoft Inventory 2011 - screenshot #5Medosoft Inventory 2011 - screenshot #6Medosoft Inventory 2011 - screenshot #7Medosoft Inventory 2011 - screenshot #8Medosoft Inventory 2011 - screenshot #9Medosoft Inventory 2011 - screenshot #10

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