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A document management system that offers security and efficiency
Kixzo - This is the main window of Kixzo where you will be able to access all the features of the application.
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KIXZO is a powerful and reliable office system designed to revolutionize document management. This cost efficient innovative system strengthens your organization by reducing your operational expenses via the removal of inefficiencies and dramatically strengthening data security.
A paperless office has many advantages. Outside of the obvious one of freeing up critical office, a paperless office has the unique advantage of providing a seamless ability to communicate to your personnel regardless of the physical distance that may separate them. In addition, a strong paperless office system provides data security, data disaster recovery, automatic document indexing/batching and auditing tracking.

KIXZO is a paperless office system designed to convert your paper documents into electronic versions, protect your data from unauthorized users, securely share information among staff members, quickly locate files and track user actions. Future Filing provides all this and more for a fraction of the cost of most document management systems on the market today.

Another major benefit of Future Filing is the paper to electronic feature that transforms paper forms into editable electronic forms. This document indexing tool automatically is specifically designed to categorizes and keyword tag large volumes of documents with minimal staff interaction. There are several ways to input documents into Future Filing.
You can: Import directly using the program's browsing tool Scan in your information with any Document Scanning Equipment that is TWAIN or ISIS compatible. Fax in the documents Email in the documents In all, Future Filing is a unique cost effective paperless document management solution.

Main features:

  • Records Management:
  • Helps protect an organization from litigation by being able to quickly and easily identify, classify, archive and destroy records. All activities are regulated and tracked by the system Administrator.
  • Document Scanning:
  • Quickly convert stacks and cabinets full of paper documents into electronic documents that are easily searchable and retrievable.
  • Workflows:
  • Automatically route documents such as contracts and work orders for review and approval amongst employees, thereby reducing the turnaround time for this information.
  • Easy Indexing Categorize documents and records for easy retrieving by extracting a variety of fields such as demographic data, account numbers, work order numbers, and much more.
  • Layered Security:
  • Protects your information from unauthorized access using a tiered security system that only allows access to those whom you want to have it.
  • Paper to Electronic:
  • Eliminate paper forms by converting them to electronic documents that are cost efficient, easily indexed, quickly routed, maintained and searched.
  • Quick Searching:Locate documents and records within seconds using a variety of searching criteria such as full word search, partial word search, modification dates and file type.
  • Dashboard:
  • Your personal workspace that contains a variety of key elements such as key alerts, inbox, mailbox, workflows involved in, documents you recently opened and more.
  • Remote Access:
  • Your information is simply an internet connection away. Never forget a document or record again. Uses a Virtual Private Network so you can stay connected to your information while away from the office.
  • Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook Seamless integration so you can manage and manipulate data created within these powerful platforms.
  • Executive Backup:
  • Protects your valuable data from the unexpected disaster by giving you the flexibility to maintain a backup of all your information.
  • Auto Filing and Batching:
  • Process thousands of historical documents for quick indexing and easy retrieval, thereby reducing the pressure resulting from years of information collected and stored in file cabinets and boxes throughout your organization. An easy and cost efficient way to get your operations running in very little time.

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11 Screenshots
Kixzo - Kixzo will enable you to manage your files with ease by categorizing them.Kixzo - In this window of Kixzo you will be able to convert stacks and cabinets full of paper documents into electronic documents.KixzoKixzoKixzoKixzoKixzoKixzoKixzoKixzo

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