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A material requirements planning and inventory management system designed for the small and medium size businesses that need to store the information and generate reports




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With MRP Manager you can automate every single step of your material requirements planning. It is designed to keep track of the transactions, inventory items and bank accounts in order to generate useful reports.

No more recurring typing! MRP Manager automatically tracks the parts needed to fulfill a customer's order and create all necessary purchase orders on the fly. If a part is to be manufactured first, MRP Manager creates a work order the same way.

Never delay an order! With MRP Manager you will never be behind the schedule. It carefully compares the overall completion stage of a product with a predefined schedule and automatically creates all needed production orders for each phase of the production process just in time.

Forget about unexpected money losses. Out-of-stock items lead to delays, excuses and finally to a money loss. Overstocked items are no better as they literally devastate your accounts.

Keep the right balance with MRP Manager and re-supply automatically just the moment it is required. Keep track of your progress. Create detailed reports, save order history - MRP Manager offers a wide variety of ways to keep an eye of your progress and act accordingly.
Last updated on February 1st, 2014
MRP Manager - The main window of the MRP Manager allows you to access the transaction menus in order to create sales orders.MRP Manager - The program is designed to store the information about the sales and purchases.MRP Manager - You can also keep track of the expenses generated by the daily activity in your company.MRP ManagerMRP ManagerMRP ManagerMRP ManagerMRP ManagerMRP ManagerMRP ManagerMRP ManagerMRP ManagerMRP Manager

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