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Monitor and analyze numerous markets, place new bets and keep a close eye on your Betfair account using this automated betting application






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Betfair is an interesting betting service that enables its users to bet against one another on everything from cultural to sporting events around the globe. Put simply, BetFair holds the money until it gives them to a declared winner.

MarketFeeder Pro is a useful software solution that makes it as simple as possible for you to manage your Betfair account. Even better, it also enables you to create, schedule and reprogram betting tasks.

This makes the application especially suited for individuals who are not often around their computer, as it can automatically place bets no your behalf according to your instructions. This is possible thanks to its built-in trading systems, such as Auto-Greenup, Auto-Dutching and Ladder Interface for scalping.

Evidently, to actually take advantage of Betfair, you need to log in using your active Betfair account's credentials. Also, you should know that the application works through authorized Betfair API channels, so there should not be any problems in terms of security.

Upon starting the application, you are greeted by an interface that is designed to bring you as many elements as possible from Betfair web-based interface. You can easily create, edit and place bets, as well as access all the market information.

This said, you can bet against your friends or other Betfair users on Football, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, Rugby, Formula 1, Darts and even Horse Racing. Since the refresh rate is somewhere under the 0.5-second marker, you don't have to wait for a long while either, assuming you also have a speedy internet connection.

The application comes with a wide variety of market viewing modes and charts that can be fully customized to fit your needs. In addition, you can monitor different markets concomitantly and implement as many betting strategies as you want.

Taking all things into consideration, MarketFeeder Pro is a useful application for betting enthusiasts that like the challenge directly betting against other users. The best thing about this app is how it makes it possible for you to schedule and reprogram betting tasks, therefore automating the whole process.
Last updated on August 14th, 2015
MarketFeeder Pro - MarketFeeder Pro enables you to login into your Betfair betting account or create a new one.MarketFeeder Pro - In the main window, MarketFeeder Pro displays details about your account funds, the betting markets and current races.MarketFeeder Pro - You can select the countries and the sports you prefer, and view betting information by accessing the Market Locator window.MarketFeeder Pro - The betting interface of MarketFeeder Pro is very intuitive, thus it allows you to quickly place bets and set price limits.MarketFeeder Pro - You can view details, such as the bet ID, bet type, market, and the status by using the current bets window.MarketFeeder ProMarketFeeder ProMarketFeeder ProMarketFeeder Pro

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