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An efficient and easy to use application created to help you manage your organization more easily, by keeping track of all members

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Member Manager is a handy and user-friendly piece of software developed to serve small and medium sized organizations in keeping track of their subscribers with ease, enabling them to monitor fee payments or send out mass emails to inform all participants of an upcoming event.

The application is able to work with Microsoft Access natively, or with Microsoft SQL Server, the latter requiring however that it be installed on the system in order for Member Manager to connect to with and use it.

Basic user interface

Subsequent to the uneventful installation, users can run the program right away, as it is not that difficult to figure out and handle from the start.

The main window displays a series of buttons that allow users to find current or past members, add new ones, or search through their records for various information.

Adding, editing and managing memberships

Before anything else, users should define the profiles and membership types that they intend to work with, making it easier to group their members into specific categories, depending on the organization’s particular needs.

When adding a new member, users can input their name and contact details, as well as the dates they joined or ended their subscription, the assets and profiles that they are assigned or the fee payments. Moreover, users can attach local files to each entry, or input certain notes about them.

The existing and past members can all be listed and grouped according to their membership type. Member Manager allows users to send emails to certain individuals, while also being able to create an email list for bulk messaging, in case of in important event.

Useful membership managing tool

In conclusion, Member Manager is an efficient albeit simple database utility created to assist organization managers in keeping track of their members and their current situation, be they active or not.

Member Manager was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 1st, 2014
Member Manager - The main window of Member Manager allows you to access the members' list or view find a personMember Manager - In the Member List window, you can view past and present members, including various information about themMember Manager - The Find Profile window enables you to search for a specific profile, optionally including the historicMember Manager - screenshot #4Member Manager - screenshot #5Member Manager - screenshot #6Member Manager - screenshot #7

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