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A software utility that enables you to create projects and keep track of your billing, as well as print detailed reports and histograms

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Since most of the computer-related jobs are project-based and they function on an hourly billing rate, you need to be able to keep track of the total time you spend working on a specific task, as well as quickly calculate the total billing after the project is complete. In order to do this, you can use dedicated software utility that performs the operation for you.

Create projects and choose the billing rate

Minute-2-Minute is an application designed to help you manage your projects and keep an eye on the total billing and expenses. To achieve this, the utility enables you to create projects and choose your hourly rates, overtime and billing address. The rates can be flat, which means they remain the same regardless of the situation, or they can vary depending on the day of the week.

Once the project is created, you can start keeping track of the total time spent working on it, by entering the amount of hours you put in every day. Thus, depending on the chosen rates, the application automatically calculates the total billing amount and the overall number of hours, while also displaying the same stats for all of your projects at once.

Print statements and generate detailed reports

In order to have an overview on your progress, Minute-2-Minute allows you to create statements between certain time periods and print them on paper. In addition, you can include information about the daily accounting data, as well as details about expenses and subtotals. Before printing the document, you have the option to preview it, so that you can adjust the desired parameters.

Furthermore, you can also generate and print detailed reports for every individual project, whether to view the total revenue, or visualize the number of hours you spent working on various tasks. Beside being able to choose the preferred ending year, histograms can be included as well, which offer you a graphical representation using bar graphs and charts.

A useful tool for freelancers

All in all, Minute-2-Minute can come in handy if you are a freelancer, since it allows you to find out exactly how many hours you have put into your projects and bill your clients appropriately. In addition, you can also print reports and manage your overall expenses, as well as view charts and histograms.

Minute-2-Minute was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 6th, 2014
Minute-2-Minute - You can view the total billing time for the currently active project into the main window of the application.Minute-2-Minute - The Projects menu allows you to revert back to the defaults, as well as save the current project.Minute-2-Minute - You can add comments and clear the selected rows by accessing the Edit menu.Minute-2-Minute - screenshot #4Minute-2-Minute - screenshot #5Minute-2-Minute - screenshot #6Minute-2-Minute - screenshot #7Minute-2-Minute - screenshot #8Minute-2-Minute - screenshot #9

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