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A simple and easy to handle application whose purpose is to help you manage your personal and business finances with the least amount of effort

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Money-Pal is an efficient and intuitive piece of software which aims to provide you with a simple means of managing your finances, be they personal or business-related, enabling you to get a clear understanding of your budget.

Easy to handle user interface

Following a regular installation process, you are prompted to create an account, assigning it the default username and password ('admin'), then letting you access the main screen of Money-Pal.

The utility features a fairly straight-forward and intuitive interface, allowing you to quickly get the hang of it, without too much effort, even if you do not have previous experience with such tools.

In the left-side panel, you can access and work in the sections of Money-Pal, namely 'Home', which acts as the main dashboard, 'Accounts', 'Budget', 'Reminders' and 'Reports'.

Input or import your transactions, then manage them all from a single location

In the 'Home' tab, you can get an overview of your current status, displaying your income, expenses and reminders. You can manually input the information about your account but you can also import it from OFX, QIF or CSV files, comprising your transactions or other credit card details; the file can also be downloaded from your bank's website.

The 'Accounts' section of Money-Pal enables you to add as many entries as you need, having the possibility to manage several different accounts, for various banks, individuals or businesses, with relative ease.

Moreover, the 'Budget' tab lets you view, add, edit and remove records from your 'Income' and 'Expenses' list, as Money-Pal will automatically calculate the 'Balance' from what you had and spent.

In addition to financial features, the application also offers a 'Reminders' component that allows you to set up as many 'Events' as you need and even create an alarm that will prevent you from forgetting about a specific task or deadline. Using the 'Reports' function, you can generate diagrams and print them to further analyze your latest activity.

Handy finance manager

To conclude, Money-Pal is a useful and reliable program that can assist you in sorting out all your financial endeavors, keeping a close eye on your transactions, both those that generate income and those that spend it.

Money-Pal was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 16th, 2014
Money-Pal - The main window of Money-Pal allows you to manage the existing accounts and their budgetMoney-Pal - From the context menu, you can create a new transaction, split or delete an existing oneMoney-Pal - You can get an estimate of your income and spending in various types of diagrams and barsMoney-PalMoney-PalMoney-PalMoney-PalMoney-PalMoney-Pal

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