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A comprehensive but easy to use application designed to help you manage your business, monitor stocks, prices, clients and issue orders and invoices

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My Business ERP is a comprehensive application that enables you to manage your sales company and monitor stocks, sales evolution, prices, orders and clients in a detailed database. You can settle product prices and discounts, tax values and payment methods according to your sales policy.

Manage clients and orders

You can create a full company profile, including contact details, taxes policy and the date range of the financial year. You can manage your company’s sales and activity with the help of Access or SQL Server databases, depending on the number of authorised users. If your database is already set up, you can easily import and modify it.

You can easily access database tables of clients, products, sales or payment records from the menu on the right. You can record data concerning all the aspects of your business: from billing or income accounts, to sales, purchase orders, credit and debit notes, even vouchers or discounts.

Inland or overseas clients

The software enables you to settle the appropriate taxes depending on the client and whether the merchandise is to be delivered in the country or across borders. You can apply discounts for large orders, or vouchers and keep a journal of sales notes. You can create a profile for each client, in order to speed up the process of placing orders or issuing invoices or receipts.

Accounts and billing

As a sales business, you may handle multiple accounts, for credits or payments and group them according to their type. Thus, when registering an order or an expense, you can direct it immediately to the appropriate account.

The software supports creating detailed sales registers, order receipts and invoices, as well as contract quick sales, payable only in cash, concluded on the spot.

Moreover, if you are using POS payment devices, My Business ERP enables you to process the transactions and direct the funds to your accounts. You can set POS operating details from the Options window, such as automatically select date and time, process barcodes or how to select the sale type.


My Business ERP is a software solution that enables you to manage administrative aspects of your sales company and monitor databases, with little effort. It enables you to oversee all transactions, to set up detailed registries and to view statistical data regarding the financial situation over the entire fiscal year.

My Business ERP was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 6th, 2014
My Business ERP - My Business ERP is a business solution software that enables you to manage your sales company, clients and stocks.My Business ERP - You can monitor multiple payment or credit accounts, and use them in your business, according to their purpose.My Business ERP - You can create a database of items or stocks and settle prices, so you can easily handle orders and invoices.My Business ERPMy Business ERPMy Business ERPMy Business ERPMy Business ERPMy Business ERPMy Business ERPMy Business ERPMy Business ERPMy Business ERPMy Business ERPMy Business ERPMy Business ERPMy Business ERP

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