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Keep track of all your accounts' financial deposits and withdrawals with this application that allows you to record scheduled transactions

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Managing one's personal finances is a necessity in today's highly dynamic world. Although there are multiple such tools already available, My Checkbook seeks to offer users a much more simplified and intuitive solution for their everyday financial recording needs.

Enter data manually or import information from QIF files

Essentially, one can employ this application to keep thorough track of most account deposits and withdrawals. What's more, the program allows users to work with multiple accounts at the same time and even issue transfers between two items.

As with most recorders, the application requires input data and this can be inserted either manually, i.e. by recording all transactions, or by importing information from one of two sources: older My Checkbook projects (v. 2.x) or from QIF documents.

Record financial transactions

It should be stated that, unlike most recorders, data entry is not a tedious task. Account transactions are split into two groups – deposits and withdrawals – and inserting data requires only that users enter a valid date and an amount; optionally, one can add a description and the type of transaction can also be defined, with four options available: “ATM”, “Bank”, “Fee”, and “POS” operations.

One of the great features of this program is the ability to create recurrent entries. This can save a lot of time when dealing with repeating transactions. Once all deposits and withdrawals have been defined, the tool automatically generates the financial balance. Once satisfied with their project, users can export data to TXT documents and even issue print commands.

The tool allows users to tally up their accounts' deposits and withdrawals

To sum up, My Checkbook is a simple, but effective tool for recording basic account transactions and computing the financial balance.

My Checkbook was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on July 6th, 2015
My Checkbook - The main window allows users to keep track of all account deposits and withdrawalsMy Checkbook - My Checkbook can import data from documents made with previous versions of the program, as well as from QIF filesMy Checkbook - Basic sorting options are available, effectively distinguishing between reconciled and outstanding transactionsMy Checkbook - screenshot #4My Checkbook - screenshot #5My Checkbook - screenshot #6My Checkbook - screenshot #7My Checkbook - screenshot #8

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