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An efficient and reliable application designed for helping you easily manage your money income and expenditures in an organized fashion




MyMicroBalance is your private and free cash basis accounting application. It's easy to use and will help you in saving money efficiently.

MyMicroBalance offers a lot of easy to use features, like a clear representation of your receipts and expenditures, charts, file encryption, a category management, and different currencies.

Moreover MyMicroBalance is able to download and install updates automatically.

In addition to this it is unique that users of MyMicroBalance are able to introduce their own ideas, thus new features and functionalities are developed in cooperation.

By using MyMicroBalance, you can easily manage your income and expenses, allowing you to save money.

NOTE: For more advanced features, you can upgrade your license to the VIP version.
Last updated on April 20th, 2014
MyMicroBalance - The application allows you to keep track of your income and expenses for financial accounting purposes.MyMicroBalance - From the File menu of the application, you can open a new project or you can save the on-going one to the disk.MyMicroBalance - The Entry section of MyMicroBalance allows you to add a new income source or an expenditure.MyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalance

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