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A simple to use application that enables you to create efficient routes for city tours, by checking multiple destinations on an online map

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MyRouteOnline - Route Planner is an intuitive application that enables you to create the best route for visiting multiple addresses in one day. You may select the addresses you need to visit, then let the software optimize it, so that you do not waste time or fuel. The software can create a connecting route between multiple locations.

Create an optimized route time wise and fuel wise

The software operates with online maps of cities from all over the world, which allows you to enter any listed destination that you wish to visit. Simply enter the desired address, with as many details as possible, then let the software locate it on the online map. You may set multiple checkpoints between the starting location and the destination.

Additionally, the software can generate the parameters for the one way or the round trip. The addresses can be entered manually, but you may also import them from a local file, from the Dropbox or from Google Drive. The software analyzes all the checkpoints you settled and localizes them on the map.

Fine-tuning and parameter setting

The next step is manual verification directly on the map. You may adjust the location points or the route itself, if the software selected one way streets or roads that are inaccessible. The addresses are marked on the map with colored indicators and the letter afferent to each field.

The traveling parameters imply that you mention a few details about the planned trip. For instance, you may select different goals, such as minimum distance, minimum time or a balanced route with convenient time and distance. Additionally, you can mention the departure time, lunch break, travel mode, number of desired routes and maximum stops along the way. The application can indicate the most suitable routes on the map, according to your preferences.

Plan your route for the cityscape

MyRouteOnline - Route Planner is a useful tool, when you wish to create an efficient route for multiple deliveries, pick-ups and drop-offs, service routes or visiting touristic objectives on holiday. The software operates with updated online maps, which can be more helpful than a GPS device or a paper map. Moreover, MyRouteOnline - Route Planner is suitable for both driving trips and walking, since it can not only display the streets, but also metro stations, restaurants, gas stations or touristic objectives.

MyRouteOnline - Route Planner was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 25th, 2014
MyRouteOnline - Route Planner - MyRouteOnline - Route Planner is a simple to use application that enables you to optimize specific routes, for walking or driving.MyRouteOnline - Route Planner - Simply enter the starting address and the destination, then set the convenience parameters, in order to obtain the best route.MyRouteOnline - Route Planner - The software can create several route alternatives, representing the most suitable options time-wise or distance-wise.MyRouteOnline - Route PlannerMyRouteOnline - Route Planner