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A software utility that enables you to design business workboards using charts and infographics, in order to present business solutions and ideas

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Business Intelligence 3.0 aims to be a simple and intuitive environment for people to solve problems and come up with new ideas more efficiently when it comes to business decisions and plans. Thus, in order to do so, you can use an application that offers you the possibility to put such ideas into practice, by creating interactive and easy-to-understand presentations.

Create business presentations using infographics

Necto is a software utility that enables you to achieve this by providing you with a highly versatile and customizable environment, which can be used to generate personalized business plans and ideas. In order to do so, you can employ a variety of tools, including charts, graphs, infographics and even plain images.

To begin with, the user interface is presented in a new-age package, featuring sleek design and intuitive controls, albeit rather difficult to pinpoint at a first glance. They do, however, each have extensive tooltips to help you understand their function and you can quickly get the hang of the entire application and start creating your own content.

Include a wide array of graphical elements

In order to make the entire presentations more easy-to-grasp by everyone, you can include a large array of graphical items and cut back on the amount of simple text spread throughout the document. Hence, by using graphs, charts and infographics, you can make yourself understood much easier, as well as offer a better overview over the entire subject.

As a slightly more complex feature, Necto enables you to connect to the preferred database server and retrieve data from an external source, in order to use it in your models. Thus, you can integrate a wide range of data sources, models, sets and infographics into your solutions, using basic SQL queries.

A powerful and interactive business utility

Despite the fact that it can be rather difficult to familiarize yourself with the application in the beginning, Necto's interactive interface quickly becomes very easy-to-use, making it really simple to put your ideas into practice. In addition, the large amount of customization options and graphical elements that can be added directly from within the utility make the application a very powerful business solution, that can greatly help you improve your presentations.

Necto was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 13th, 2014
Necto - You can create your own presentations, by adding text, images and various other graphic elements.Necto - The main window of the application displays a list of public workboards as, well as your own projects.Necto - You can add your own data sources, models, sets and infographics, by connecting the application to your database server.

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