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A powerful software solution that offers you a very large database of ports and offers you an way of creating routes and tracking vessels

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Netpas Distance is an application designed to offer you a simple and fast means of obtaining travel distances and routes between ports that are located all over the world.

It supports over ten thousand ports and enables you to create your own routes which you can then edit with the use of just your mouse. The application displays a user-friendly interface with a very well structured design, which splits the main window into sections for the map, results table and various route details.

Finding a distance between two ports using Netpas Distance is as simple as double clicking in the table, adding the port names and then clicking the ‘Get Distance’ button. The application allows you to manually enter the port name or its coordinates to locate it. If your memory lacks that information, Netpas Distance allows you to choose a country and displays all the ports that exist.

A function that you can find most useful in Netpas Distance is the “Create Voyage’ feature. With it, you are able to create a route, set its number, speed with ballast into consideration and bunker consumption.

You also get to use a voyager report that provides information about the current whereabouts and status of your vessel. It offers data about port, speed, current, distance, time, ETA arrival time and more.

Netpas Distance enables you to constantly update and increase your vessel database. You have the possibility to use a ‘Vessel Manager’ to which you can add new ships and enter a large amount of details about them such as vessel kind, type, estimate values, speed, bunker consumption, operational expenses, build date and remarks.

And in case you’re worried, Netpas Distance is even fitted with an ‘Anti Piracy Route’ feature which recalculates your trajectory according to known information about such risks.

In closing, Netpas Distance is a rather unique application that does a great job in providing accurate help with vessel routes.

Netpas Distance was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 11th, 2015
Netpas Distance - This is the main window of this program where you can select distances and access the program's features.Netpas Distance - From the Actions tab you may choose from: get distance, clear, move rows, insert rows and more.Netpas Distance - The Vessel Monitor also offer a set of useful features. Just select the ones you need the most.Netpas Distance - screenshot #4Netpas Distance - screenshot #5Netpas Distance - screenshot #6

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