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A complex and quite reliable application functioning as a Point of Sale system, that you can use to sell your products more easily

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OfficePos is a professional and efficient software solution created to provide business of varying sizes with the ability of selling their products, enabling you to manage all aspects of the transactions with minimal effort.

Complex yet intuitive usage

After creating your account and logging in to the application, you can begin configuring its functioning preferences and the details of your business.

The tool features an online as well as an offline component, allowing multiple users to connect to the database of your company with ease, regardless of their location in the world, on condition that an Internet connection is available.

Effortlessly manage your product transactions through a Point of Sale system

OfficePos features multiple categories of products, enabling you to set their quantity, type and price. It can be connected to barcode scanners or other similar devices, so as to make the process of registering items more time efficient; similarly, you can connect printers for generating receipts or invoices on every sale.

You can manage multiple customers, by adding their personal information to your database. This way, the program allows you to apply discounts and other price deductions for certain customers, as well as take ‘Customer Orders’ or create ‘Reservations’ for products.

The tool enables you to set up a schedule for your employees, deciding the duration and time of their shifts. In addition, they can clock in and out, thus making it easy to determine their presence at work and the amount of time they spent on the job.

Moreover, you can calculate the ‘Cash In’ or the ‘Cash Out’ as well as the ‘Expenses’. You can also create and print price labels for your products, which you can then stick throughout your store.

An advanced POS system

To conclude, OfficePos is a very complex and reliable utility aimed particularly at sales companies, providing you with the ability to manage transactions, inventories, employees, customers and many other elements pertaining to your business.

OfficePos was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 13th, 2014
OfficePos - The main window of OfficePos enables you to add various products to the cart of your customerOfficePos - From the Select Employee window, you can choose which worker is currently on their shiftOfficePos - From the File menu, you can access the products, the customers, employees or the program's preferencesOfficePosOfficePosOfficePosOfficePosOfficePosOfficePosOfficePosOfficePosOfficePosOfficePosOfficePosOfficePosOfficePos

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