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Take advantage of powerful and accurate OCR and document conversion capabilities when using this fast and intuitive piece of software

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Being one of the first Optical Character Recognition programs to ever meet the computer market, OmniPage Professional quickly became popular due to its accuracy and conversion speed. Its main purpose is to turn paper documents into editable content in a very effective way.

With fierce competitors such as ABBYY FineReader, OmniPage Professional still manages to preserve its crowd of fans by providing 99% and up conversion precision.

Documents can be scanned, processed, archived and shared in a way that maximizes efficiency and productivity, while minimizing efforts.

It works with most modern scanners or any multifunction device (MDF) printer that you can think of and is able to output in the following formats: PDF, DOC, XML, XLS, PPT, CSV, TXT, XPS (to name a few), as well as Kindle compatible file types.

The product’s list of features is extremely long, but the most important ones include state-of-the art OCR accuracy, batch conversion, turning papers into searchable documents, preserving the original formatting, automatic highlighting with workflows, sharing via cloud storage services, extensive support for over one hundred languages, PDF encryption and compression and page layout reconstruction.

It also includes a proof reading utility, which can be used together with the context specific correction feature in order to avoid language and vocabulary mistakes.

What sets OmniPage Professional apart from similar products is, indeed, as our tests confirmed, the character recognition accuracy. It turns out that it performs best when it deals with text, while tables and other types of complicated layouts were processed with few errors, overall.

The truth is you can’t really decide which OCR software is the best without conducting extensive tests, with hundreds of documents. And even though they concentrate on carrying out the same job, these applications are equipped with different engines and their performance varies from paper to paper. What we can state for sure about OmniPage Professional is that if you give it a try, you may not look the other way ever again.

OmniPage Professional was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on June 10th, 2015
OmniPage Professional [DISCOUNT] - OmniPage's main window displays the application menu and toolbars, the image panel, the text editor and the document manager.OmniPage Professional [DISCOUNT] - The Format menu allows you to customize various aspects of the recognized text, including font, paragraph, bullets and numbering, etc.OmniPage Professional [DISCOUNT] - The Tools menu gives you access to a wide range of additional features of the application, like Proofread OCR, Workflow Assistant, User Dictionary, Export Converters and others.OmniPage Professional [DISCOUNT] - OmniPage's Process menu lets you select the action that you want to perform. You can start a workflow, choose the task to run after completion, select the workflow to start, etc.OmniPage Professional [DISCOUNT] - The OCR Options tab enables you to configure the languages in document, the user dictionary and the professional dictionaries to use and specify some additional characters.OmniPage Professional [DISCOUNT] - In the Direct OCR tab you can choose to enable Direct OCR, customize the process options and select the applications to register.OmniPage Professional [DISCOUNT] - The Process Options tab lets you configure a wide range of process settings, including image preprocessing, recognition and PDF options.OmniPage Professional [DISCOUNT] - The General Options tab allows you to customize the application's behavior according to your needs and preferences.OmniPage Professional [DISCOUNT] - In the Text Editor Options tab you can choose the characters and markers that you want to be visible, the measurement units and the word wrap method.

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