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Optimize product storage or transportation with this powerful and highly customizable application that allows users to export HTML or PDF reports

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PalletStacking is designed to aid users in optimizing packet arrangement. The application features multiple configurations which can be tweaked to suit almost any needs imaginable.

A comprehensive resource for determining optimum storage patterns

The software comes with two types of containers: cylinder and rectangular, but the length, width and height can be customized. Not only that, but the application features eight predefined categories, including cement sacks, milk boxes or horizontal cylinders.

Between them, these options should cover all imaginable needs. If, however, this is not enough, there is always a “Define new product” option. This is great when working with recurring and highly specific items!

But that's not all. The application allows users to create and customize their own containers and boxes. Together with the actual products, this means that virtually all relevant factors affecting the efficiency of items storage and transportation are covered!

Sharing analysis results is easily done

The program features multiple options for disseminating the results. PDF or HTML reports can be generated. Since the product generates images, a “Save images in high resolution” option is available.

This can be very important, since losing details from pictures can severely affect the optimization process. However, this option comes at a price, since output files will be considerably larger in size!

The interface may seem quite full, at first glance. There are plenty of informative fields and boxes, which can at times distract the attention. Grouping similar items together does improve the situation, up to a point.

A strong solution for product stacking problems

To sum up, this tool is a very detailed resource for anyone dealing in product storage and transportation. Indeed, at times it can seem a bit too detailed. But then again, that's what optimization is about, isn't it?

PalletStacking was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on June 24th, 2015
PalletStacking - The application is designed to assist users in optimizing pallet storage and transportationPalletStacking - New product specifications can be imported by navigating to the File Options menuPalletStacking - After parameters have been defined the software automatically computes the optimum storage optionPalletStackingPalletStackingPalletStackingPalletStackingPalletStackingPalletStackingPalletStackingPalletStackingPalletStackingPalletStackingPalletStackingPalletStackingPalletStacking

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