Pharmacy Management System

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An advanced and efficient piece of software developed in order to provide pharmacy managers with the proper tools to carry out their daily activities

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Pharmacy Management System is a comprehensive and intuitive application whose main purpose is to assist pharmacy managers in their day to day work, by providing them with a single program for a variety of operations, such as creating invoices, transferring products, taking care of the employee's payroll and attendance, and many others.

The utility is sufficiently simple to understand and handle, requiring very little previous experience with similar tools. The interface is organized in multiple menus from which users can access the function that they need to work with.

The menus that Pharmacy Management System provides users with are 'File', 'Product', 'Invoice', 'Cheque', 'Payroll – Attendance' and 'Reports', each featuring several options that users can choose from.

From the 'File' menu, users can 'Create Branches' of their company, assigning it a location and various other details. Users can add employees and their function within the institution. Moreover, it enables users to add and manage the 'User Types', for instance 'Administrator', 'Operator' or 'Cashier', as well as edit or remove user accounts, including access credentials. The 'GST' section allows users to set the percentage of the Value Added Tax.

The 'Product' menu enables users to 'Purchase' new items, create a 'Product Invoice Listing' or 'Manage Selling Amount, using several criteria. Additionally, users can 'Transfer Products' from a particular branch to the general stock. The 'Invoice' menu lets users create new invoices and search through the existing ones, while the 'Cheque' section contains the items that will be sent or received by the pharmacy.

From the 'PayRole – Attendence' menu, users can check and manage their employees' activity along with the corresponding 'Sallary'. The 'Reports' function allows users to create a variety of database queries and obtain 'Client Reports', 'Daily Sold Products' or 'Daily Cash Reports'.

To conclude, Pharmacy Management System is an advanced program that features all the proper tools required to manage a pharmacy with ease, saving users valuable time and effort, potentially increasing their productivity.

Pharmacy Management System was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 15th, 2014
Pharmacy Management System - Pharmacy Management System is a reliable tool designed to assist pharmacy owners and workers in performing their daily tasksPharmacy Management System - From the File menu, users can create new branch or create a backup file for the databasePharmacy Management System - The Product menu enables users to purchase or transfer items or manage the selling amountPharmacy Management System - screenshot #4Pharmacy Management System - screenshot #5Pharmacy Management System - screenshot #6Pharmacy Management System - screenshot #7

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