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An efficient and user-friendly application designed to offer you the ability to successfully manage your business' support department

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ProActive Customer Support is a reliable and easy to understand piece of software developed to provide you and your business with the proper means of keeping track of all the requests you receive from customers, enabling you to assign them to the available technicians.

After launching the application, you can begin entering all your important records into ProActive Customer Support, namely the 'Customers' and the 'Requests'.

At the same time, you will also need to add several other elements related to how you will categorize requests, specifically the 'Departments', 'Locations List', 'Priority List', 'Staff List', 'Status List' and 'Type List'.

These can make it easier for you to assign requests the proper level of importance and send them to the employee who will know how to solve it. While there are several default entries, you have the option of adjusting them so they can fulfill the requirements of your own situation.

In order to input a new 'Customer', you will need to enter his name and mailing address, primary phone number, department, location, along with any relevant notes in the dedicated field.

Similarly, to add a new request to your records, you will need to input the name of the customer, the 'Request Priority' and its current status, the 'Due Date' and the person it has been 'Assigned To'. At the same time, you can enter the 'Details' of the request, the returned 'Response' and any important notes about the problem or customer. When it is resolved, you will also be able to add the 'Complete Date'.

Moreover, ProActive Customer Support features an 'Events Calendar', where you can enter all the meetings or appointments, along with the option of setting them on a recurring schedule.

To summarize, ProActive Customer Support is an efficient program which aims to assist you in handling your customer requests successfully, so every issues gets addressed in due time.

ProActive Customer Support 2014 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 14th, 2014
ProActive Customer Support 2014 - The main window of ProActive Customer Support allows you to view all our current customersProActive Customer Support 2014 - The dedicated window enables you to add new clients or edit the existing ones' informationProActive Customer Support 2014 - In the Requests section, you can view the currently pending support demandsProActive Customer Support 2014 - screenshot #4ProActive Customer Support 2014 - screenshot #5ProActive Customer Support 2014 - screenshot #6ProActive Customer Support 2014 - screenshot #7ProActive Customer Support 2014 - screenshot #8ProActive Customer Support 2014 - screenshot #9