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With this lightweight and quite useful program, you can create a client database and manage the purchases they make by issuing invoices

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Pyxis Invoicing is an interesting and efficient software solution whose main purpose resides in offering you a way of creating custom invoices for your business, allowing you to design your own templates.

Neatly-structured and approachable looks

The application features a simple and accessible user interface, the main window being organized in various tabs which enable you to easily switch between its most important sections.

As such, you can view your ‘Customers’ or enter new ones in the ‘Add Customer’ tab. Similarly, you can ‘Search’ for clients or generate financial statements for specific time periods.

Build your own invoices from scratch and save them to PDF format

For starters, you might want to populate your program with the details of your regular clients, for instance name, address, email, phone number, credit limit, postcode, city and county. However, the county options are limited to Ireland only and they cannot be edited, which makes it rather useless for working with clients from other parts of the world.

From the ‘Products’ button you can add the items you sell, along with the price and their individual code. This will make it easier to select the products your clients have purchased into the invoice. You can also manage ‘Transactions’, ‘Payments’ and ‘Debtors’ from the lower part of the main window.

Moreover, Pyxis Invoicing allows you to create your own bill design, starting from scratch and adding the fields, columns and text boxes that you need. This activity can prove fairly lengthy initially, as its usage is not that self-explanatory, meaning it might take you quite some time to figure out how to insert the various sections you need in your document and modify the text, but it is doable.

A handy invoice designer

To summarize, Pyxis Invoicing is an useful and reliable application that was developed to provide you with the ability to issue your own purchase invoices, enabling you to customize all aspects of the process.

Pyxis Invoicing was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 4th, 2014
Pyxis Invoicing - The main window of Pyxis Invoicing allows you to enter new transactions for our customersPyxis Invoicing - From the context menu, you can enter a payment, create a credit note or create a PDF statement rangePyxis Invoicing - The Add Customer tab enables you to input the details of a new client, such as name, address or credit limitPyxis InvoicingPyxis InvoicingPyxis InvoicingPyxis Invoicing

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