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A handy and complex tool that allows you to manage your business and record information regarding all your customers, suppliers and other contacts

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Effective management of your business usually involves a way to quickly store and use details of all your customers, suppliers, documents, along with all the interactions you have with them. This can be achieved using databases and CRM(Customer relationship management) tools, which combine documentation used to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing and customer service with server-based interactions.

QuinataCRM is a handy piece of software that can help you record, log and use information related to all your customers, suppliers, business documents and actions. In order to properly work, the application requires Microsoft SQL Server installed and running on your computer.

Complex tool for business management

The program allows you to easily organize all aspects of your business, ranging from customers and suppliers to invoices and sale documents. As all this data is stored in a database, you are able to easily access it or create permissions for other users to do so, thus making it ideal for working in a network-deployed remote server, to which your employees can connect using their credentials.

Furthermore, you can easily edit any of the existing data or create new entries for your clients, depending on your business preferences and needs.

Reliable CRM tool for various businesses

QuinataCRM can help you deploy a database on a remote server, to which your employees can connect and manage the business information stored there, including customer and client data, along with sales and invoices.

All this is done through a well-structured and user-friendly interface, which allows you to categorize each business data accordingly.


To sum it up, QuinataCRM provides a robust environment in which you can deploy and develop your business, without having to rely on too much paperwork, due to the fact that the application stores all your information in a secure database.

QuinataCRM was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 24th, 2014
QuinataCRM - QuinataCRM allows you to manage and organize your customers, clients, invoices and other business related data.QuinataCRM - From the Functions menu, you can open windows used to manage your actions, activity log, emails or documents.QuinataCRM - By accessing the Configuration menu, you can change the settings for handling documents, categories or action types.

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