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An efficient and straightforward software application designed to allow you to use your personal computer as a point of sale device




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ROBOTILL is an advanced POS Software that allows you to turn any computer into a till.

It works very well with or without POS Hardware (Touch screen, barcode scanner, electronic cash drawer).

The system can support any number of tills and use a powerful, robust and fast database.

The software can work for a small shop with a simgle computer, but is also suitable for a bigger business.

By using ROBOTILL, you can use your own computer as a POS device.
Last updated on April 3rd, 2015
ROBOTILL - The application allows you to use your personal computer as a point-of-sale device.ROBOTILL - In order to conduct sales directly from your computer, you need to log into the application.ROBOTILL - From the POS Hardware Setup Window of the application, you can customize the settings for your cash drawer.ROBOTILL

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