Ra Workshop Express

Joinery software for windows & doors industry - aluminium, pvc, wood, vinyl
Ra Workshop Express is the full quotation program that deals with joinety for windows and doors. This package represents our recommendation for all the companies that have to create windows and doors offers. Please remember that Ra Workshop Express was designed to create window offers and not for windows production.

If you own a company that buys joinery already made, with or without glass, and only take care of the delivery and assembly – then Ra Workshop Express is the perfect choice for you. It has all the information that you need to be able to create offers and will increase your sales from day one. We are very proud of the design of our offers and we guarantee that this will reflect on your daily sales.

To find out the complete feature list please read the Features tab.

Recommendation: Ra Workshop Express is highly recommended for companies that only sell windows and doors (also known as Dealers). Because they do not manufacture windows and doors and buy the windows from suppliers they do not need production software. All information that Dealers need (ex: glass cutting quotations report, glass order report) is included in Ra Workshop Express. This package is also suitable to companies that sell and/or manufacture profile systems and want to help their customers with a full window estimating software.

Database: Ra Workshop is able to compute almost any profile system in the world. This package is delivered with a free database that contains 11 profile systems, each with corresponding hardware (fittings) systems. If you want other profile systems you can insert your own or you can buy profile/fittings system from us.

Main features:

  • Thermoinsulating joinery calculation:
  • Calculation of joinery: PVC, aluminum or wood.
  • Calculation of rectangular doors and windows.
  • Calculation of irregular shapes (circle, oval, triangle, trapeze, pentagon, hexagon, septagon, octagon). The shapes may have sides with simple arcs or Gothic arcs).
  • Calculation of any custom shape. The shape will be created by drawing each of it's points.
  • Calculation of main wings: side-hung, oscillating, tilt-turn and double.
  • Calculation of secondary wings: sliding (regardless of the number of sheets), versatile, harmonic, culisant with lifting, tilt-culisant with lifting, culisant in parallel plane and oscillating plane.
  • Calculation of frame extensions, bottom rail.
  • Calculation of ornamental glazing bead. Windows may contain ornamental elements like glazing beads.
  • Calculation of insect screens. They can be: roller, French or sliding.
  • Calculation of additional items: shutters, paneling and rollers.
  • Dividing vertically and horizontally. The joinery can be divided into several meshes with horizontal or vertical mullions.
  • Divisions by angles. Joinery meshes can be divided with angle mullions.
  • Arch and semicircle splitings.
  • Joining windows and doors. The joinery can be combined two by two with corner profiles, joint profiles or without profile.
  • Tools:
  • Viewing and editing material consumption. The materials compiled by the program can be viewed and can even be edited. In this way the user can accurately control the assembly list.
  • Send offer by email.
  • Basic security: 1 user. Access to the program is based on a user name and password, which allows a rigorous control of persons who are entitled to handle offers.
  • Nomenclature of currencies and exchange rates. Ra Workshop may contain data about the materials in various currencies and can calculate any project in a currency specified by the user.
  • Clients management. Information about customers may be stored in the database to be reused later or to generate reports.
  • Dealers support. Application store dealers information, permissions and costs so it can properly work in a manufacture - dealer evniroment.
  • Window library. This feature allows less experienced users to create offers of doors and windows without the need to design the structure. They can choose a window / door from the window library and you just need to change rates based on customers’ demand.
  • Projects:
  • Offer project. Windows / doors can be managed together in an offer type project.
  • Production project. Before they are sent in production, windows and doors, can be grouped into a production project. The role of this project is to analyze the joinery, to correct any errors of the user who made the offer and to calculate an optimization of cutting this batch of components.
  • Post-production project. Depending on the means and the delivery data, joinery items can be grouped into a post-production project. It will also contain a list of materials needed by the assembly team.
  • Cutting optimization:
  • Cutting profile optimization. Contains more optimization algorithms that reduce consumption of materials.
  • Stock optimization. A material stock will be store in the database and will be use on the next optimization process for better results and costs cuttings.
  • Numerical control (CNC). Export data in formats supported by tools that have numerical control.
  • Reports:
  • Joinery offer. Contains drawings of the joinery components accompanied by a description of the materials used (the series of profiles, hardware, glass) and information about extra costs.
  • Joinery window panel. Contains sketches of the items used in joinery and details about the materials used. (Does not display the prices for the items of joinery).
  • Assembly list. The report presents a list of materials that are used in the windows and doors designed. This report is also used to decrease from the management the materials used in the current project.
  • Cutting quotations.
  • Execution plan.
  • Glass order. Contains the glass order to the glass supplier.
  • Profile order. Contains the profile lists needed measured in bars. The report can be calculated based on the resulting data from the cutting optimization of the profiles (if you enable this feature).
  • Fittings order.
  • Handwork.
  • Optimization reports. Contains the debit scheme obtained during the process of optimization.
  • Global reports. Contains general reports relaying on existing projects in database.
  • Export:
  • Export project in its own file format.
  • Export project in the public file format: PDF, TXT, CSV, Excel, RTF, mht, Image, BMP, GIF, JPG, TIFF, EMF, WMF.
  • Localization and Globalization:
  • Application available in Romanian, English, Greek, Turkish.
  • May be available in any language at request.
  • Miscellanous:
  • Support for Copy/Paste, Undo/Redo.
  • Skin support.
  • Easy to use. Improved interface for quick and easy use of all elements.

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January 26th, 2013, 21:02 GMT
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Pyramid Software
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operating system(s):
Windows 2K / XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 2003 / 2008
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Ra Workshop Express - Ra Workshop Express will help you quickly and easily create windows and doors offersRa Workshop Express - The Materials section will provide users with material management capabilitiesRa Workshop Express - Users will be able to access options such as Project Costs, Taxes or Dealer Costs within the Extra Costs sectionRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop ExpressRa Workshop Express
What's New in This Release:
  • New:
  • A new window type is available: double tilt and turn window – two sash window with both sash tilt and turn.
  • V cutting. Mullions can be configured to use V cutting instead of square cutting until now.
  • New parameter in profile definition: sash tolerance. A different sash tolerance for each side can be defined. In the previous version a profile system had only one sash tolerance. Now each sash can overwrite the main sash tolerance by defining its own tolerance. This feature is very useful when designing windows/doors with different profiles top, bottom, and left/right.
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