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A comprehensive application that enables you to manage your personal financial affairs and keep a record of the income and expenses

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RichOrPoor is a simple to use application designed to help you manage your budget, as well as supervize investments, savings accounts and keep a record of all the transactions you undertake. The software features a user-friendly interface and it can generate detailed reports and graphs, to reflect your current situation.

A reliable financial management assistant

RichOrPoor is designed to help you manage personal finances or implement it into small businesses. It can keep track of multiple accounts, transactions, investments evolution and overdue bills. It can help you organize savings plans, bill payments and future investments, in an easy to use environment.

You can configure multiple types of accounts, such as savings, checking, bank, asset, liability, creditor’s rights, investments or custom accounts. Each one presents certain particularities, but, generally, you can record both payments and income with each type of account. The software can calculate the overall assets and liabilities afferent to your financial situation.

Keep a tight record and generate periodical reports

Each transaction can be marked accordingly, as check, deposit, transfer, withdrawal or ATM service. Similarly, each type of payment can be sorted into subcategories, in order to establish correct monthly statistics. You may view the list of all the accounts listed in the dedicated tab, along with the account number, type, financial institution you are registered with and the current balance.

RichOrPoor can generate several reports, either as an informational sheet or as a graph, with comprehensive titles such as Spending Habits, Income versus Spending, What I Have or How I’m Doing on My Budget. Consulting the reports can be useful in scheduling future expenses, as well as monitoring the spending trends.

Budget monitor and finance consultant

RichOrPoor enables you to identify patterns in money spending, as well as offer you an overview on the important expenses and the account replenishing rate. It can help you setup healthy financial habits, as well as create savings plans at appropriate moments. Moreover, it can generate explanatory reports reflecting general creditors and the situation of debts.

RichOrPoor was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 3rd, 2014
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