Risk Radar 3.0.2

A comprehensive tool that enables you to identify, assess and categorize risks in your company, then estimate repair costs and mitigation necessity

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What's new in Risk Radar 3.0.2:

  • Significantly enhanced capability of associating risks across user defined attributes, risks, projects, programs and the enterprise.
  • Introduces an Opportunity Management capability to pursue and manage valued opportunities.
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Risk Radar - Risk Radar is a reliable Web-based application that enables you to manage the factors of risk in your company.Risk Radar - You may enter risk data, such as Risk originator, Risk owner, probability of occurrence or impact then estimate costs.Risk Radar - The software enables you to identify the root cause for each risk factor in your company and manage risk mitigation.Risk RadarRisk RadarRisk RadarRisk RadarRisk RadarRisk RadarRisk RadarRisk RadarRisk Radar
Risk Radar is a reliable Web-based application that constitutes a risk identifying, assessing and managing tool, for your company. It enables you to spot the areas that present potential risks, identify the root cause and confine the threat before it affects your company’s performance.

Spotting risk areas

The software enables you to create entries representing potential threats areas in your company or concerning a specific project. You can add the level of probability, according to a risk scale, enter an estimated cost that its occurrence implies, its impact on your work or its location within your firm.

A risk can be internal, with easily manageable repercussions or external, in which case the costs with prevention or reparation can be higher. The software displays all the entries in a list, where you can view and modify them at any time.

Risk details

When creating the profile of a risk, you may enter basic requirements for listing, or details regarding mitigation processes, root causes, association, contingency plans or audit trail. You may also view a history log that is automatically updated when a risks status changes.

The application can sort the risk entries by their status. Dedicated tabs display lists of pending risks, active risks, retired threats as well as rejected risks. These are all stored in a database, in order to serve at future company or project assessments.

Risk reports and graphs

The software can create explanatory reports regarding the risks that you have identified. Thus, you can view or transfer detailed informative reports, summary reports, graphs, as well as risk registers, mitigation plans, history logs or detailed associations.

Each report can project the risk situation overall, or from a specific period. Also, they can be sorted by priority, impact, type, phase, owner, critical path, source or milestone. Additionally, you may create a data backup for your project, by exporting it as a backup archive that you can manage with Risk Radar.


Risk Radar is a comprehensive business assistant that enables you to identify and monitor risk factors within from within your company or associated with a certain project. It is a reliable risk evaluation tool, that enables you to manage threats and create detailed reports regarding the weak points of your work.

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