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Helps you manage more than one Forex account from a single interface and place buy or sell orders much faster, without a lot of effort

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SHTY Multiterminal Trader is intended for professional traders who are using the MetaTrader terminal to operate on the Forex market. Its purpose is to allow the easy management of multiple investment accounts from a single interface, so as to quickly place purchase or sell orders.

Automatically detects MetaTrader sessions

Needless to say that the application requires MetaTrader in order to function properly. Once you launch it, the presence of the MetaTrader platform is automatically detected, enabling you to view a list of all the stations you can place orders with.

With just a few clicks, you can add a new station to the list by specifying its name and the location of the MetaTrader executable.

Place orders and close market positions with just a click

The main advantage of SHTY Multiterminal Trader is that it offers brokers the possibility to open group orders for a specific currency pair. It allows plain buy or sell orders, as well as stop and limit orders that can automatically stop the transaction when a certain price is reached, so as to avoid further loss. In other words, it enables you to define the stop loss value and the profit margin to limit the transaction to.

SHTY Multiterminal Trader enables you to open positions on the market much easier and faster, either for one or multiple accounts. Furthermore, you can close all the positions with just a click or close an entire order group.

Manage multiple Forex accounts in MetaTrader

SHTY Multiterminal Trader is a great tool for MetaTrader users who invest on the Forex market. It helps them manage orders much easier and obtain information concerning the total profit for all the opened positions.

SHTY Multiterminal Trader was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on May 26th, 2014
SHTY Multiterminal Trader - You can view the available Metatrader stations from the main window of SHTY Multiterminal Trader.SHTY Multiterminal Trader - Brokers can easily place a new buy or sell order for the desired currency just by completing a form.SHTY Multiterminal Trader - Users can easily create a new station and remove existing ones from the list of SHTY Multiterminal Trader.

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