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If you own a Hair, Nail, or Tanning Salon, then Salon Master is the program for you





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If you own a Hair, Nail, or Tanning Salon, then Salon Master is the program for you.

An affordable management tool to help you run your business effectively and efficiently.

Track Customers, Vendors, Inventory, Income, and more!

Use our invoicing system, print postcards, mail merge with Microsoft Word, Email customers and Vendors from within the program with our email client.

Print mailing labels, keep track of appointments in the appointment book, know at a glance who is coming in at what time, and what for with our full screen Schedule Board.

At the end of the day print a Daily Report. Know how much you made, how the money was collected broken down by Cash, Check, Visa, M/C, Discover, or A/X. It tells you how much your bank deposit should be.

At the end of the month print out a monthly report for your accountant, with all of the same infomation as the Daily Report, but with the entire month's totals.

In short, Salon Master gives you everything you and your accountant need to manage your Salon in one easy to use package.


■ You cannot print invoices or daily or monthly reports, you are also limited to 10 invoices saved, 5 products/services saved and 10 customers saved and you cannot change the program setup items.
Last updated on July 12th, 2006
Salon Master - The main window of Salon Master will allow you to easily access the features of the application.Salon Master - With Salon Master you can create invoices an customize them for each and every customer.Salon Master - The Salon Master appointment book comes in very handy when you need to manage the schedules for your salon.

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