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This is a versatile and reliable application whose main purpose is to help you manage all the expenses, reservations, orders and customers

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Sass is a comprehensive and effective POS solution especially designed for users who own a cafe bar, restaurant or fast food outlet. Thanks to its advanced features and complete options, it helps you to easily manage and organize your employees, customers, orders, invoices, reservations and even payments.

The main window of the program is intuitive and user-friendly from where you can access options such as ‘Modify Customer’, ‘Add Gift Voucher’, ‘Manage Appends’, ‘Merge Order’, ‘Stock Report’, ‘Till Expenses’ and ‘Ingredient Control’, to name a few.

Each option is located in its specific category so you can easily view or delete the current order, insert new products in your inventory, add a new customer and set its loyalty program, modify the current gift voucher and set new promotions.

After that, you can easily choose the table, select the number of people that are currently sitting to the selected table, then manage all the orders. The left panel displays the total amount of money and it allows you to clear the current order or send it to your clients. In case you close the instance for the selected table, you can always access the ‘View Order’ option from the main window. In this manner, you are able to access the order you are interested in by its ID.

What’s more, the application provides you with an intuitive Reports section from where you can easily generate detailed documents in order to preview information about products, discounts, vouchers, payments and deleted orders. Additionally, you can export the reports to PDF and XLS, or simply print them.

Considering all of the above, Sass proves to be a steady and effective point of sale solution that displays your orders in real time, helps you to get accurate reports on ingredient usage, making it easy for you to forecast and process your purchase orders in advance and allows you to organize your clients, employees, vouchers and products in an intuitive way.

Sass was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on March 4th, 2014
Sass - With the help of Sass you are able to easily manage your orders and payments the way you wantSass - The application enables you to add a new employee by setting the name and the password, as well as the access levelSass - With the help of Sass you are able to add a new customer and export all the details to ExcelSassSassSassSassSassSass

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