ServiceDesk Standard Edition

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A comprehensive application that enables you to manage contracts, assess customer complaints and overall manage your technical service business

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ServiceDesk Standard Edition is an intuitive and reliable service business manager that enables you to monitor incoming error reports or complaints and assess the issue. The application is suitable for companies that deal with service desking for hardware and software, since it offer the means for problem analysis, diagnosis and closure.

The means to solve customer complaints in a quick way

When running a service oriented company, the customer complaints are certain to roll in on a daily basis. ServiceDesk Standard Edition enables you to centralize the incoming error reports, create a ticket, then save it in the database for further assessment. The software helps you create a database of customers, most often used products and product types.

Moreover, each service corresponds to a specific type of contract. You may create warranty, AMD and Labor Only contracts, but also insert new types of service templates. Each contract can be assigned one or more complaints, depending on the type of product it implies and the person in charge with solving them.

Comprehensive database for quick problem solving

ServiceDesk Standard Edition is designed to help you resolve a customer complaint from the early stages of recording the problem, to analysis, diagnosis and closure, in a quick manner. Thus, you may create extensive databases of customers, products, error types and employees. This way, the software can help you save time with typing details. Instead, you can simply select them from the drop down menus.

You can assign a complaint or an entire contract to a single employee and charge them with solving the error. Moreover, each complaint can be marked as closed and automatically be erased from the error list. The software can generate detailed reports, regarding contracts, complaints and company’s assessment parameters.

Easily manage your service oriented business

With ServiceDesk Standard Edition, you can centralize all customer information and complaints in a single database software. This way, creating contracts and error tickets can be done in a matter of seconds, with a few mouse clicks. The application also enables you to track customer complaints, from registration, to assessment, diagnosis and closure.

ServiceDesk Standard Edition was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 18th, 2014
ServiceDesk Standard Edition - ServiceDesk Standard Edition is a simple to use application that enables you to manage your technical service business.ServiceDesk Standard Edition - The software enables you to create a comprehensive database of clients, products and possible errors, then solve tickets.ServiceDesk Standard Edition - The software allows you to enter complaints records, then assign each task to one of the employees, for further assessment.ServiceDesk Standard Edition - screenshot #4ServiceDesk Standard Edition - screenshot #5ServiceDesk Standard Edition - screenshot #6ServiceDesk Standard Edition - screenshot #7ServiceDesk Standard Edition - screenshot #8ServiceDesk Standard Edition - screenshot #9ServiceDesk Standard Edition - screenshot #10