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With this efficient and reliable application, you can easily track shares on the stock market for various companies, enabling you to analyze their progress

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ShareVista is an intuitive and effective software solution created to provide you with the ability of monitoring the financial activities on the stock market of various important companies, enabling you to analyze their progress based on a wide range of indicators.

Clean and practical interface

After a simple installation process with no noteworthy events, you can launch the program from the optionally created desktop shortcut, allowing you to choose the data you wish to work with, either by downloading it to your database from the Internet or by importing it from a file on your computer.

Its interface is fairly easy to handle, requiring almost no prior experience with similar tools. The numerous buttons in ShareVista’s ribbon enable you to easily access the indicators that you want to work with, while the menus help you better customize the application’s features to fulfill your own needs.

Load the securities you want to work with and track their progress

The main window allows you to open several sub-windows, one for each ‘Security’ that you wish to analyze, assisting you in the comparison of their performance from the point of view of several ‘Market Indicators’, such as ‘Breadth Thrust’, ‘STIX’, ‘New Highs Curve’, ‘Advance-Decline Ratio’, as well as other ‘Indicators’ like ‘TRIX’, ‘Meisels’, ‘MACD’, ‘RSI’, ‘Volatility’, ‘Stochastic’ and many more.

Using your mouse cursor, you can zoom in and out of a certain chart, enabling you view the data in detail or as a big picture, over an extended period of time. ShareVista lets you add curves to your graph, with multiple available choices, for instance ‘Best Fit Line’, ‘Moving Average’, ‘Golden Crosses’, ‘Bollinger Bands’ and others.

Moreover, you can create a ‘Watch List’ to keep a close eye on certain ‘Securities’, sending you email alerts in case modifications occur that you need to know about immediately. Additional tools include the ’Portfolio Manager’, ‘Calculator’, ‘Explorer’ and others.

Useful security monitoring utility

In conclusion, ShareVista is a complex yet user-friendly financial instrument that enables you to closely track important securities and shares on the stock market, allowing you to analyze the data with a large array of indicators.

ShareVista was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 18th, 2014
ShareVista - The main window of ShareVista allows you to open one or more windows for various companies listed on the stock marketShareVista - From the Select Security window, you can search for and load the company you wish to further analyzeShareVista - The File menu enables you to open an analysis chart from a document stored on your computerShareVistaShareVistaShareVistaShareVistaShareVistaShareVistaShareVistaShareVistaShareVistaShareVistaShareVistaShareVistaShareVistaShareVista

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