ShopAssist Point Of Sale System5.10

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An application that helps you manage your business by keeping records about sales and shippings.






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ShopAssist is a useful, user-friendly, modern, Windows-based point of sale system for all types of business.

Main features

· Cash Sales
· C.O.D. Sales
· Account Sales (Debtors)
· Hire Sales (for video rental stores)
· Appro transactions
· Lay By transactions
· Stock Receiving
· Inventory Control
· Service Fees
· Labour Charges
· Suspend/Retrieve sale
· Item lookup by Item Description, Item Code, Barcode, point and click, single keypress or Touchscreen
· Discounts on individual items, a sub-total of the sale or the sale as a whole
· Automatic discounts on selected items
· Netting of individual items
· Credit Notes
· Refunds
· Exchanges
· Quotations
· Loan Stock
· Detailed sales histories by item, cashier, salesperson, department, product category, supplier and manufacturer
· Stock On Hand by item, department, product category, supplier and manufacturer
· Top Sellers
· Profit Generators
· Slow Movers
· Overstock, Low and Out Of Stock item reports
· Nine pricing levels, selectable automatically or at the click of a button
· Sales Tax - None, Exclusive (single rate), Exclusive (multi-level), Inclusive (single rate) or Inclusive (multi-level).
· Verification of stock availability
· Checking of reserved stock
· Matrix Pricing (for clothing stores)
· Item re-ordering (automatic if required)
· Promotions - free items, department discounts, timed-specials, bulk discounts and Purchase With Purchase
· Support for product discount vouchers
· Customer Profiling
· Customer Tracking
· Tender Tracking - twenty tender groups, with floor limits and operator prompts for each
· Cheque Verification
· Cashier statistics
· Over three hundred reports and charts to help you run your business
· Support for electronic cash drawers and pole display devices
· Full network support - up to two hundred terminals per server
· The ability for each terminal to run locally should the server go off-line
· Till Messaging
· Full security - five levels of password protection for its various functions
· Multi-store support - Inter-branch transfers. Consolidated sales, stockholding, branch orders. Data transfer by modem or disk.
· Cash Book
· Spreadsheet (Excel�-compatible) for Cash Book, budgeting, sales forecasts
· Repairs
· Loyal Customer Card
· Gift Vouchers
· Banking, including support for on-line credit card processing
· Creditors
· Credit Requisitions (stock returns)
· Purchase Orders
· Stocktake (local and remote)
· Follow-up on out of stock items
· Notepad
· Sticky Notes
· Calculator
· Markup Calculator
· Calendar Diary (appointments)
· Charting
· Telephone Number Database with modem dialer
· Trip Sheets
· Statement Reconciliation
· Item Labels (including barcodes)
· Shelf Labels (including barcodes)
· Mailmerge
· Staff Register
· Full data backup and recovery facilities
Last updated on May 7th, 2008
ShopAssist Point Of Sale System - The main window of ShopAssist Point Of Sale System allows users to enter different items along with prices to each of them.ShopAssist Point Of Sale System - ShopAssist Point Of Sale System grants users the ability to place new orders, on different items, to different companies.ShopAssist Point Of Sale System - In the Transaction submenu, the Options tab has a wide range of features that can easily be modified by any user.ShopAssist Point Of Sale System - The Tools menu in ShopAssist Point Of Sale System allows users to benefit from the help of an integrated Calculator and a Calendar Planner.ShopAssist Point Of Sale System - In the Managerial submenu users are able to view Sales Histories, Logs and Inventory Databases.ShopAssist Point Of Sale System - In the View menu of ShopAssist Point Of Sale System every user can choose the searching pattern according to which they can track down a product.

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