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A reliable and feature-packed software solution that can help business owners manage their clients, transactions, sales or purchases

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Managing your business is no easy task, since there are numerous aspects you need to take into consideration, starting with purchasing supplies, tracking the sold products and their prices or generating invoices, but also setting up an accurate employee database.

If you are looking for a solution to simplify some, if not all these tasks, you can try Skynet, an application specialized in managing the many facets of a company.

Start by creating income and expense accounts

In order to be efficient when it comes to business management, you need to take first things first and start by setting up the accounts that will be used to pay bills from. You can also create one or several accounts that will be used for receiving the money from your clients.

This way, you can save time in the future when you want to complete a payment, since all the details are already there, within reach.

Build a detailed inventory of products

One of the ways to ensure you get as much profit from your business as possible is to keep a strict eye on your products, their stock, prices and overall value.

Skynet helps you enter a wide range of details when creating a new record for any of your products, such as code, full name, quantity, metric unit, category, minimum stock, initial warehouse and even a brief note. You can also associate an image, specify the product’s resistance level, natural status and barcode number.

Get a clear overview of your business with a nifty app

Once the initial configuration is complete, Skynet has all the information it needs to help you manage your company.

You can set up new transactions, analyze old ones, virtually move products from one warehouse to another, purchase new items and manage sales.

All in all, Skynet can help you organize your business without too much effort - you only need to setup the initial accounts, then invest your energy solely in managing them and keeping them up-to-date.

Skynet was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on August 5th, 2014

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