Space Rental Tracker Plus

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A reliable and seamlessly easy to use application that provides you with a long and short term rental management software system

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Rental businesses need a way to track all their requests and reservations, along with all their customer details. Space Rental Tracker Plus is a handy piece of software that can step up to this challenge. Tailored for rental enterprises, it allows you to log and record customer details, along with the reservations they made for a certain rented space.

Flexible tool for rental businesses

The application allows you to keep record and keep track of your reservations and space rentals with ease, by logging each one, along with the contact details of the customer served. You can insert these entries regardless of the space unit that your business deals with. For instance, you can rent spaces such as cabins or hotel rooms, as well as campsites, RV sites, boat slips or smaller space units, offering deckchairs as an example.

Furthermore, each of these entries can be easily edited, allowing you to cancel a reservation in case a customer did not come at the right time or prolong the contract of those who wish to stay more, for instance.

Flexible rental management utility

Space Rental Tracker Plus provides you with a convenient and fast way of organizing all your rental activities, including reservations, rent collection, tasks, contacts, and even customer appointments.

On top of that, you can track and monitor all your incomes and profits with ease, thus being able to see if your business is increasing. As a plus, you can print checks and adjust the currency to match the one of your clients or business, depending on the proper situation.


To sum it up, Space Rental Tracker Plus offers you a simple and efficient way of managing your rental enterprise, covering all from space units to rent payment methods and income monitoring.

Space Rental Tracker Plus was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 2nd, 2015
Space Rental Tracker Plus - Space Rental Tracker Plus helps you manage both your long term and short term rental properties.Space Rental Tracker Plus - From the designated menu, you can track and check various information, such as assets or rental incomes.Space Rental Tracker Plus - By accessing the Reservation Tracker window, you can check reservations made for various clients.Space Rental Tracker Plus - screenshot #4Space Rental Tracker Plus - screenshot #5Space Rental Tracker Plus - screenshot #6Space Rental Tracker Plus - screenshot #7Space Rental Tracker Plus - screenshot #8Space Rental Tracker Plus - screenshot #9Space Rental Tracker Plus - screenshot #10Space Rental Tracker Plus - screenshot #11

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