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An advanced and intuitive application aimed specifically at investors who wish to analyze the progress of various companies listed on the stock market

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Stockdance is a complex and reliable software solution developed to offer financial professionals with the means to investigate, analyze and track the stock market progress of certain companies over an extended period of time.

Simple and intuitive looks

Following an installation process of a fairly moderate length, you can launch the program, then login with your account credentials, namely the username and password provided after registration.

The interface of Stockdance is straight-forward and very functional, enabling you to quickly decide on the type of information that you want to display, by selecting the proper options from the 'Financials', 'Functions' and 'Market Data' menus, as well as the 'Screens', 'Watchlist' and 'Alerts' panels.

On the right-side of the main window, you can access the 'Search' function in order to look for a certain company, while in the 'Journal' and the 'Rating' sections, you can input various comments, create to-do lists and add relevant financial opinions.

Research and analyze your target company

Stockdance allows you to search for a business that is listed on the stock market and display its progress in various sections of activity, being able to select the 'Quick Financials' or the 'Projections' that you want to review, as well as the 'Indices' and 'Currencies' you wish to use.

As such, you can view information about a company's 'Price', 'Financial Income', 'Financial Balance', 'Financial Cashflow', 'Dividends', 'Management Effectiveness', 'Profitability Ratios', 'Financial Strength' or 'Growth Rates', with countless subcategories of data.

From the 'Screens' panel, you can double click on a preferred symbol to display more details about it, while from the context menu, you can save each graph to your computer, to PNG format, so you can further use it in your work.

Handy financial investigation tool

To conclude, Stockdance is a professional application whose main purpose is to assist you in generating comprehensive analysis of companies that are relevant to you, based on their stock market performance.

Stockdance was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 5th, 2015
Stockdance - The main window of Stockdance allows you to view the progress of various companies listed on the stock marketStockdance - From the Financials menu, you can select the type of information that you want to display in the graphStockdance - The Functions menu enables you to show quick financials or projections by means of a graphStockdance - screenshot #4Stockdance - screenshot #5Stockdance - screenshot #6Stockdance - screenshot #7Stockdance - screenshot #8Stockdance - screenshot #9Stockdance - screenshot #10Stockdance - screenshot #11Stockdance - screenshot #12

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