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A simple to use Windows Store app that enables you to identify the commercial sellers and available deals in a specified location

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TB Deals for Windows 8.1 is a lightweight application, available through Windows Store, that enables you to identify and locate shopping deals from a multitude of merchants. The software features a powerful searching engine and is capable of identifying merchants by name or product. You simply need to type the key word in the searching field.

Identify commercial dealers

TB Deals for Windows 8.1 facilitates your access to live or online shopping, by revealing the desired retailers, direct merchants and sales points available in a specific place. The software features a powerful searching engine and a vast database of contacts, containing thousands of merchants.

Thus, typing in a word, letter or name in the searching field, results in the application returning all the identified instances from around the world. You may match an entire name or parts of it, as well as type in one or more keywords, then let the software conduct the search.

Take a deal

Clicking on any result displayed after a search leads you straight to the merchant’s Internet page. This way, you may easily access the deal before it expires, straight from the merchant’s profile. Moreover, you can filter the search by specifying which aspect you wish to focus on: merchants or deals.

Selecting Merchants implies that the software returns even those sales persons who do not offer deals. Alternatively, if you select Deals, it is possible that the search may not return any results.

Pleasant interface and quick search

TB Deals for Windows 8.1 is lightweight and features a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly identify the desired sales points. Each result displayed by the app represents a direct link to the merchants website and clicking on it prompts an Internet page to instantly open. The software features a vast database, with thousands of merchant profiles and tens of thousands of available deals.

TB Deals for Windows 8.1 was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 21st, 2014
TB Deals for Windows 8.1 - TB Deals for Windows 8.1 is a simple to use Windows Store app that enables you to locate commercial dealers by name.TB Deals for Windows 8.1 - The app enables you to search for merchants or deals by name, by first letter, by city of provenance or by current location.TB Deals for Windows 8.1 - If you enter the name of a city in the searching field, the utility can display all the merchants and deals located there.TB Deals for Windows 8.1 - screenshot #4

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