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You can work with this user-friendly software solution in your tailoring shop, as it provides you with all the proper tools to conduct your business

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Tailor Software is a lightweight and intuitive application developed specifically for tailoring businesses, in the hope of offering you all the functions and options to manage your shop in a professional manner, with the least amount of effort.

The program is fairly simple to handle, requiring a minimal level of experience in working with computers. Its interface is organized in various menus, each containing a series of options with its own purpose. As such, you can use 'File', 'Invoice', 'Code Assignment', 'Shifting', 'Searching', 'Delivery' or 'Reports'.

The 'File' menu lets you set up 'Reminders' for your various orders and check on their status, verifying that they are completed in time for delivery and taking the appropriate measures in case there is a delay.

From the 'Invoice' section, you can open and work with the 'Invoice Form', that lets you input all the required client and order information, so you can generate the bill and send it to your customer. At the same time, the 'Invoice Report' enables you to view the total number of forms you emitted.

The 'Code Assignment' menu allows you to designate a unique reference for each client, as well as input all their personal and measurement details, thus making sure that all future orders will be executed using the proper sizes. The 'Client Code Searching' function can assist you in quickly finding a specific customer in order to use or update his information.

From the 'Shifting' section of Tailor Software, you can switch from 'Shop to Factory', depending on which ares of your company you need to work with. The 'Reports' menu contains an extensive array of possible queries you can make on your database, concerning 'Customer Info', 'Design', 'Address', 'Sales Return Report', 'Urgent Report' and countless others.

To conclude, Tailor Software is a comprehensive utility that enables you to conduct your business in a professional manner and keep track of all your orders, clients, delivery schedules, sales and purchases.

Tailor Software was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 17th, 2014
Tailor Software - Tailor Software is a simple application that allows you to manage your tailoring businessTailor Software - From the File menu you can set up reminders and activate reports or pop-up windowsTailor Software - The Invoice menu of the application enables you to open the invoice form or the report componentTailor Software - screenshot #4Tailor Software - screenshot #5Tailor Software - screenshot #6Tailor Software - screenshot #7Tailor Software - screenshot #8

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