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With this user-friendly and reliable application, you can swiftly create, customize and print barcode labels for the products you sell

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Tape Label Studio is a useful and effective software solution aimed to provide business owners with a simple method of creating your own barcodes from scratch, without having to buy new ones every time you run out, since you can just print out another batch.

Clean and straightforward appearance

The application features a simple and attractive user interface, its looks partly resembling the Microsoft Office suite, due the the use of a ribbon and tabs to organize its main functions.

As such, you can work with the ‘Tape Labels’, ‘Color Styles Editor’ or the ‘Border Styles Editor’ to decide on the look and feel of your barcodes.

Effortlessly design and customize your product barcodes

In the ‘Tape Labels’ section of the program, you have the possibility of choosing an alignment option and a color style from the available choices. You can also pick a border style and a letter to start with, as well as a mediatype (CU, C1, C5, JA, JJ, JK and many others).

Moreover, you can specify a custom text and the number of barcodes to be printed. Other adjustable features consist of the ‘Offset From Left’ and ‘Offset From Right’, or the ‘Start Position’. The project can be saved to your computer for future usage, to XML format, or you can print it right away.

In the ‘Color Styles Editor’, you can create your own combinations for the label background, barcode, text border and text colors using the integrated component. Similarly, from the ‘Border Styles Editor’, you can customize border models by modifying the radius, width, style and color for your design.

An intuitive label maker

To summarize, Tape Label Studio is an interesting and quite handy utility whose main function resides in helping you design fully personalized barcodes for your products, enabling you to make them stand out more easily.

Tape Label Studio was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on November 15th, 2014
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