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A practical and powerful tax solution that puts at your disposal every form, schedule and document needed to obtain a large tax return

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TaxACT is a feature packed computer program that is especially tailored for those who want to prepare, print and send IRS tax returns in time for a maximum return. The application provides detailed help with everything you need in order to fill out complex forms, find credits and deductions with the biggest benefits and much more.

Not necessarily user-friendly but comprehensive

Right off the bat TaxACT is a software solution that is better off in the hands of someone who is familiar with both tax refund procedures and a little bit of computer use know-how. It’s not that the applications is hard to manage but because it provides a very large number of features, options, forms and so on which can prove to be overwhelming if you're a first time user.

Luckily for you, TaxACT also comes with a well structured and detailed documentation for everything you need to do in order to write up and send the return forms.

Fill out forms using two methods

Since TaxACT might seem a bit too much at a first glance, it offers you two methods in which you can fill out the forms it provides. One involves a Q&A approach, where the application helps you to insert data into forms by asking questions or being very specific about what information you need to add.

The other is as straightforward as possible because it provides the actual documents, you click the text field and type the information into the tax forms, schedules and worksheets.

Every tax return form you need available with one click

The actual list of forms that TaxACT provides, with their names written one after the each other would stretch about three times the length of this text so it goes without saying that the application can certainly help you out with your tax return in order to obtain maximum benefits.

TaxACT was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 2nd, 2014
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