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A fully-featured school management system that enables you to organize every aspect of your school, including students, classes and the staff

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Schools are large institutions that usually have to deal with hundreds of students, staff and a wide array of inventory items which need to be carefully managed. Hence, a software solution can be used instead, in order to easily keep track of the data and organize the school's every resource.

Keep track of student admissions

School Management Software is an application that aims to provide you with a complete virtual environment, from which you are able to control every aspect of your teaching institution, including students, utilities, classes and the members of the staff. In addition, it can also be used to quickly find student records, or to generate detailed reports about attendance and grades.

When a new entry is added to the database, you are allowed to enter extensive information about each student, including name, address, admission number and various other data that is stored for future reference. Hence, whenever you need to find them, you can use the same values to search the database and filter the results according to specific characteristics.

Generate and send various types of reports

Another important aspect in school management is communication, especially with the enrolled students and their parents. To keep them up to date with their child's progress, the application enables you to generate reports concerning their class attendance, grades and payment plans, which can be easily printed on paper or sent via email to the desired address.

Other vital components need to be taken into consideration as well, such as the staff and various utilities offered by the school. Thus, whether you want to administrate the teacher salaries, or you want to get an overview on the library loans, the applications provides you with the necessary tools to quickly retrieve the desired information.

A fully-featured school management system

All in all, thanks to the versatile database capabilities and the extensive amounts of reports that can be generated in a matter of seconds, School Management Software is a very handy utility to have around, in case you are in charge of a school. In addition, the intuitive user interface allows you to easily reach the available sections and make use of every function, requiring almost no previous experience with computers or databases.

Note: In order to access the demo, you need to request an evaluation key via email. To log into the application, you can use the username "admin" and the password "admin1".

School Management Software was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 25th, 2015
School Management Software - The search form enables you to look-up students by their name, contact number or admission status.School Management Software - You can add new students, along with detailed information about them and assign them to the available classes.School Management Software - You can calculate the total monthly payments for classes by taking into consideration fees, discounts and taxes.School Management SoftwareSchool Management SoftwareSchool Management SoftwareSchool Management SoftwareSchool Management SoftwareSchool Management Software

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