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A small-sized and handy piece of software that helps users calculate their revenues depending on how many hours they have worked

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TimeSheet Calculator is a lightweight software utility specifically developed to help you compute the hours you work and the money you earn in one or several days.

Deduct hours, minutes and seconds

The application combines a time calculator and a punch in or out clock. The time calculator allows you to calculate exactly the amount of time that you have spend working. You can calculate time by the hour, minute and second because you have the possibility to select the preferred format. Thus, this can be the fastest tool for adding and subtracting time without having to convert to decimal. Plus, you can check if your calculations are correct by pressing the 'More' button and displaying the register tape window.

Keep track of your daily earnings

The second utility included in the program is a punch in or out clock which you can use to enter the time when you start work and when you get up from your desk and head for home. With it, you can have an idea of the grand total of hours you have worked, your salary, the amount of money received when working overtime and the total sum of all your revenues, as well as calculate the pay rate per hour.

Every time you calculate the income for a given day, you can add comments and save the timesheet.

A useful feature that the application provides you with is that you can skip weekends when calculating your total earnings. In addition to this, you can include holidays, sick, personal or vacation days in your calculations.

Reliable and real-time income calculator

To sum up, TimeSheet Calculator is a very easy-to-use software application that addresses all types of users due to it's intuitive layout. The application not only stores data within it's database but also allows you to preview and print timesheets.

TimeSheet Calculator was reviewed by Alexandra Savin
Last updated on August 21st, 2014
TimeSheet Calculator - The main window of the application enables users to calculate the total hours workedTimeSheet Calculator - Users can select one of the two included utilities, namely the TimeSheet or Time calculatorsTimeSheet Calculator - TimeSheets can be saved by entering their name or loaded anytime users need to resume their calculationsTimeSheet Calculator - screenshot #4TimeSheet Calculator - screenshot #5TimeSheet Calculator - screenshot #6

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