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Helps business managers determine transportation routes to deliver products to customers while keeping in mind costs and duration

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Transportation is an important cost business managers have to look into, since it can often be a burden to the profitability. Upright V-Routing aims to provide a simple way to determine the most cost-effective route one should choose in order to minimize costs.

Work in a familiar environment

The application is not difficult to configure, but its requirements include SQL Server 2008 Express and Microsoft Excel to be already installed on the host machine. Also, you must enable macros in Excel for it to properly function.

Once installed, Upright V-Routing displays a new tab in Excel, enabling you to work in a comfortable environment you are accustomed with. Practically, it works as an Excel add-in ready to help you calculate the best route a vehicle can take so as to reduce costs and distances.

Optimize transportation costs

You start by selecting the input files for customers, depot and vehicles, which must be in CSV format. The input files must contain information regarding the customers' locations, demands and working hours, the geographical coordinates of your warehouses and their capacity, vehicles you own, their transportation capacity and the cost of renting, if available. The package includes some example data that you can start with, but you can also add your own spreadsheets.

Upright V-Routing can automatically retrieve data regarding the geographical location of the customers and the warehouses. Once the data is checked, you can proceed to finding the best routes, taking into account distance, time or cost, as well as other factors, such as the departure time or the maximum number of hours to drive.

Reduce cost by choosing the best delivery routes

Upright V-Routing makes it easy for you to find the routes that save you both time and money, while also reducing the delivery time and thus, increasing the customer's satisfaction. While the deployment process might be tedious due to the application's requirements, working with it is easy, all the more so as you are familiar with Excel.

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Last updated on August 21st, 2014
Upright V-Routing - Upright V-Routing can help you determine the most cost-effective delivery route for your transport.Upright V-Routing - Upright V-Routing requires customer, depot and vehicle input data in CSV format.Upright V-Routing - Upright V-Routing enables you to find delivery routes and optimize cost, time or distance.

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