Wallet Manager

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A lightweight and effective application whose main purpose resides in helping you manage transactions for multiple clients simultaneously

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Wallet Manager is a user-friendly and reliable software utility created to offer you a simple means of securely storing the information concerning your client’s financial transactions, letting you add new records or edit existing ones with minimal effort.

Clear-cut and straightforward usage

The program displays a relatively simple and easy to handle appearance, its tabbed interface making it accessible for anyone, even those with a minimal level of computer experience.

The first time you run the application, you can login using the default ‘12345’ password, but afterward you are advised to change it to a more secure one, in order to avoid unwanted individuals from gaining access to your private data.

Store and manage countless clients and transactions from a password-protected location

For starters, you will need to populate Wallet Manager with customers, by entering their name and optionally a comment of up to three-hundred characters. An ID code is automatically assigned to each one, once you click the ‘Commit’ button.

The ‘Transactions’ section of the tool helps you add all new ‘Credit’ or ‘Debit’ payments to a specific client, which you can select from the drop-down menu. You can select a date for the entry and add the amount, as well as a comment.

In the ‘View All Client’ tab of Wallet Manager, you can list the individuals whose finances you are currently managing, also getting some information about their ‘Current Balance’ or their ‘Client Description’. To edit their details or remove them completely from your records, you can use the corresponding function from the context menu.

Moreover, you can access and review your customers' history or you can list all the transactions you have records of. However, a search function is not available to help you locate a specific entry, nor can you export the data to a file or print it, for additional work.

A handy finance organizer

To conclude, Wallet Manager is an efficient and useful application which aims to help you store and organize your clients’ monetary transactions, providing you with an overview of their current balance at all times.

Wallet Manager was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 28th, 2014
Wallet Manager - The main window of Wallet Manager allows you to add a new transaction to one of your clients' recordsWallet Manager - The Clients tab enables you to input a new person in your database, assigning them an automatic ID codeWallet Manager - In the View All Client tab, you can list all the people whose finances you are currently managing and their balanceWallet Manager - screenshot #4Wallet Manager - screenshot #5Wallet Manager - screenshot #6

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