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A complex and reliable application developed to provide water management companies with the ability to fully control their activities

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WaterMaster is an advanced and efficient software solution that is aimed at water supply companies, providing managers with the ability to oversee every aspect of their activity from a single location.

The program features a tabbed interface and unlike most applications of this type, which require you to move from left to right in order to complete your database with information from the transactions, WaterMaster works in the reverse order.

As such, to be able to work with this utility, you will need to start from the 'Users' tab, entering the various individuals' details, including name, address, phone number, email and others, then clicking on the 'Add' button.

The 'In Care Of' section allows you to add the 'Primary User' and the 'CO User', by entering two or three letters from the beginning of a user's last name, otherwise you will be unable to find them in the drop-down menu.

In the 'Source Description' tab, you can add the sources you have, by entering their description and clicking on 'Add'. The 'Types' section requires you to input a description and a 'Share Allocation', while in the 'Sources / Types' tab, you can also input the 'Delivery UoM Volume' and 'Delivery Date'.

Moreover, you can add 'Gates' and 'Meters', assign 'Certificates' to various 'Holders', along with their 'Vitals' and 'Values'.Only when all the previous information has been added, can you begin creating 'Orders', taking 'Meter Readings'. From the 'View' menu, you have the possibility of running numerous 'Reports', manage 'Contracts / Assessments' and create 'System Maps'.

To conclude, WaterMaster is a complex application which enables you, as an irrigation company manager, to keep track of your day to day activity, by creating a comprehensive database of all the clients, contracts, sources and other business-specific elements.

WaterMaster was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 11th, 2014
WaterMaster - The main window of WaterMaster allows you to input the Meter Readings and add the reading dateWaterMaster - In the Order tab, you can choose the user you want to assign the order and input the starting and ending dateWaterMaster - The User Shares section enables you to update the information concerning your UoM inventoryWaterMaster - screenshot #4WaterMaster - screenshot #5WaterMaster - screenshot #6WaterMaster - screenshot #7WaterMaster - screenshot #8WaterMaster - screenshot #9WaterMaster - screenshot #10WaterMaster - screenshot #11WaterMaster - screenshot #12WaterMaster - screenshot #13WaterMaster - screenshot #14

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