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A COM port based weighing application, providing users with extensive information extraction, collection and processing functions

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Weighbridge Software is a reliable weighing application suitable for the business environment, ready to help resource administrators in accurately determining the weight of input materials and outgoing final products.

COM-port based weighing application

The application supports multiple COM port entries, establishing connections and communicating with any weighbridge indicator. The captured data can be stored in various database types, such as Access, SQL Server 2005 Express or Oracle.

Weighbridge Software can record the gross weight on any object placed on the indicator. In order to determine the net weight, it takes into consideration the tare weight of the vehicle or box that carries the load.

Manage customers and suppliers

The application can keep track of all the customers and suppliers, storing their contact details (address, phone numbers, website). Moreover, it can record information concerning vehicles, the corresponding tare weights and the names of the drivers, as well as product prices, type, measurement units and quantities, making it easier for you to select the desired information when completing a form.

Its main window comprises accessible options, enabling you to specify the name of the customer and the vehicle, the name of the item, the payment mode and other similar details. For each weighing operation, a new ticket is created.

Generate reports

The integrated report generator can help you create various analysis reports regarding the input items, customers and suppliers, users, vehicles, which can be easily forwarded to managers and authorities. Furthermore, data can be easily exported to Excel.

Password protection guarantees data security and the impossibility to alter the defined configuration settings without authorization. The application supports multiple users and enables the administrator to customize the login passwords for each.

Weighbridge Software comes in handy to business managers who must weight materials and products, also providing them with a reliable tool to manage customers.
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Last updated on March 27th, 2014

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Weighbridge Software - Weighbridge Software is a weighing and computing tool that allows users to collect extensive data and track critical information.Weighbridge Software - Users can access the Party Master window when they need to add or edit a customer profile.Weighbridge Software - Users can export captured data to XLS, CSV and TXT documents by accessing the Export SAP Data window.Weighbridge SoftwareWeighbridge SoftwareWeighbridge SoftwareWeighbridge SoftwareWeighbridge SoftwareWeighbridge Software

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