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WinVideo is a multifunctional software that interacts in sell/rent transactions





WinVideo is a multifunctional program that interacts in rent/sell transactions for Stores and Video Stores with optionally one or more Automatic Video Dispensers (Video Products automatic delivery).

Common WinVideo customer is a video store with rent and sell products.

WinVideo can manage from a little video store with 1,000 titles and 100 users till to a big network with multi sale points with more than 500,000 products and more than 1,000,000 users.

The WinVideo user interface was concepted to make very easy and optimized the daily work. All WinVideo procedures for automatic video dispensers are automatic and concepted for a no-stop 24h-a-day work, with or without operator.

WinVideo has been concepted for an high level Video Store with more that one location ("satellites") each one with an automatic video dispenser. All the connections between stores and dispensers use Internet/Intranet technology on VPN networks.

Must request a free license

Here are some key features of "WinVideo":

Customer Interface
· Easy to use
· Customers can search for a DVD by Director/Actor/Genre
· Generates an automatic listing of New Release titles
· Multilingual with free editable dictionary
· Dispenser Web interface, fully customizable by customer: pages are in html format
· Interface can be changed to be consistent with your chosen branding strategy

· Customers can register using their credit card or a virtutal membership with barcode or magnetic card
· WinVideo can use any kind of magnetic card with ISO1-2-3 data and a fast and programmable script generator can do any data conversion at runtime
· Virtual membership allows optionally for identification via fingerprint reader or optical retina scan
· Memberships are protected by a double security PIN (adults and teenagers)
· Members can also elect a 'Minors' PIN' which will restrict the user's access to titles rated below R18+
· Ability to send targeted messages to specific members or global messages to all members

· Displays DVD covers, synopses, critic reviews, multi images per product and trailers. All the informations are in one page only: no need for extra pages.
· Each product can be assaciated with an external URL and the member will navigate over internet to get more informations on product
· Multilingual Databank: over 28,000 titles available with one click only solution
· Multilingual informations per product, supports any world language on the same page
· Option to sell, rent or sell/rent

· Customers can rent for variable lengths (from 1 minute to undefined days)
· Concurrent rental transactions per computer
· Supports a monthly unlimited rental service
· Each member can be billed with a customizable cost class

Statistics and Reports
· Statistic and report functions allow querying of transaction history and comparison of sales information
· Completed statistic analysis with histograms, exporting data to html, Excel and any software supporting clipboard paste
· Calculation of product rent average time per single dispenser

· Ability to access software remotely via internet
· Able to network unlimited dispensers per customer
· Reservations via Cellular phones, Internet
· Interactive Cellular Phone messages system: any member can query the server with his phone about products and reserve them
· Availability alert when a reserved product is returned, intelligent queue list. Reservations on dispensers from a location to another location with 'find first available product available' technology
· Home delivery modules
· Dispenser Alarm modules via cellular phone short messages and email to supervisor


· The recommended operating system is Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 Professional running on a computer with a Pentium III+ processor and at least 512MB of RAM.
· RAM requirements for WinVideo depend upon the operating system used, plus an additional 8 MB of RAM for each WvCGI (internet reservations module) application running simultaneously.
· Hard-disk space requirements will vary depending on configuration. 35 MB of available hard-disk space is required for the default configuration of WinVideo.
· Custom installation choices may require more or less hard-disk space.
· Minimum requirement is super VGA (1024x768) and higher-resolution monitor with 16m colors.


· WinVideo is freeware for shops or private installations only and sold in bundle with Buster24 robots and selectors.
Last updated on March 5th, 2007
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