Financial Calculator 2.3

A financial calculator that can determine interest rates, estimate profits on the financial market and asses the impact of inflation on your investments

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What's new in Financial Calculator 1.1:

  • Appearance in "Buy and sell", "Commodity" and Phone has been changed (a little).
  • I also changed the minor error in option part of settings which even when user clicked on Cancel button, format file changes.
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Shahab Baradaran Dilmaghani
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Financial Calculator - Financial Calculator enables users to work out bank account balances based on interest rates and initial amounts.Financial Calculator - The dedicated tab enables users to calculate stock market profits starting from buy and sell prices.Financial Calculator - By accessing the Buy and Sell tab, users can easily asses the profitability of such operations.Financial CalculatorFinancial CalculatorFinancial CalculatorFinancial CalculatorFinancial CalculatorFinancial CalculatorFinancial CalculatorFinancial CalculatorFinancial Calculator
Accuracy is an important and sought after quality in the financial domain, since every small mistake can cost people money. Regular calculators cannot handle the intricate formulas required to calculate accurate profit margins and interest rates.

Financial Calculator brings a new set of tools to the table and aims to be a complete financial solution that can calculate almost everything business-related.

Calculate stock market profit and commissions

The stock market is not a good place to visit unprepared, especially if you want to perform transactions. Financial Calculator can estimate the total profit and commission based on the price, percentage and quantity involved in the exchange.

You can also calculate commodity values depending on the quality, density, energy or power. This enables you to find out the value of a cubic centimeter of 24 karat gold, or even the price of a kilowatt per hour.

Estimate inflation values and interest rates

When inflation levels rise, money become less valuable and you might suffer major losses if you are caught unprepared. Financial Calculator allows you to estimate how much would a certain amount of money be worth if the inflation rises by a user-defined percentage.

Interest rates are calculated by entering the desired time period, initial amount and type. Results vary depending on the type of the interest, which can be simple or compound.

Closing arguments

Thanks to its extensive amount of functions and tools, Financial Calculator is a handy utility to have in your portfolio, if you work in the financial domain. The application is also portable and can be carried around on your USB flash drive, although it does create a data folder after the first run, to store all of the performed calculations.

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