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With this simple and efficient application, you can create your business' inventory and generate selling invoices in just a few button presses

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enBill is an efficient and user-friendly software solution meant to assist you in managing the stock and inventory of your business, enabling you to add new records, as well as sell products and generate invoices.

Clean and simple looks

Following a brief installation process, you will be able to launch the program and input the default credentials, 'admin1' as username, and 'admin' as password, in order to gain access to the main window of the application.

enBill features a tabbed interface, allowing you to browse between the three main sections, namely 'Inventory', 'Invoice' and 'Reports', each designed to serve a different function.

Manage purchases and sales

From the 'Inventory' tab, you can insert new products by entering the corresponding 'Item Code', the 'Item Description', 'Buy Rate', 'Sale Rate' and 'Retailer' name, then click on the 'Add Record' button. Once the items are listed, you have the option of modifying the 'Count', then you can press 'Submit' to save the input data.

The 'Invoice' section of enBill enables you to sell the objects you have in our 'Inventory' by entering the purchaser's 'Name', 'Contact Details', 'Mobile' number, as well as the 'Item Code', then press the 'Enter' key to list the object. Optionally, you can adjust the discount rate, the VAT percentage and the 'Count', before clicking on the 'Invoice' button to generate the form and print it.

The 'Reports' can be created based on the available invoices, the products' stock, the current profit and based on the retailers you collaborate with. Each of these can be issued for a specific time range, or in relation to a certain retailer.

Useful business instrument

All in all, enBill is a reliable and easy to handle financial utility whose main purpose is to help you manage your purchases and sales with minimal effort, providing you with all the proper tools required to create comprehensive product inventories, generate invoices and reports.

enBill was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 6th, 2014
enBill - The Inventory tab of enBill allows you to add and submit items to your business' databaseenBill - From the Invoice tab, you can input the product code and generate the selling invoiceenBill - The Print Invoice window of the application enables you to create a hard-copy version of your invoiceenBillenBillenBill

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