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A business oriented data computing tool designed for structured data analysis that helps you to easily solve complex problems without modelling

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esProc is a powerful, yet flexible statistical computing application designed to provide business professionals with an easy-to-use working environment for processing complex computing objects and manage complicated structured data sets.

The application's interface is simple, which makes it an intuitive tool even for beginners. Its main advantage is that it presents the computing process step-by-step or in sequences, which allows you to solve complex problems easier, faster and from a business perspective. Furthermore, you can reference each step directly, which makes esProc an advanced SQL computing tool.

The computing model that esProc comes with enables you to compute multi-layer sets and run difficult multi-table queries. It supports multiple fields processing and features advanced functions for database computing, such as judge, loop or macro. Using the JDBC interface, the application can send complex analytical reports to external reporting tools.

With its enhanced computing capacity, esProc enables you to enter the data manually or import it from JDBC-connected sources, such as Excel, Access or database servers (SQL, Oracle, MySQL). It provides you with an enhanced online analytical processing (OLAP) tool that does not require prior data modeling and supports real-time computation.

Multi-table joining and the advanced reference functions ensure easy data access, while the convenient grouping capabilities help you organize your data efficiently. Serial number relational computations can also be performed, while relative locating problems, typical for SQL, can be easily solved.

Combining ease of use with advanced features, esProc can be used to perform multi-step complicated data analysis, carry out seemingly complex calculations and generate reports or presentations. It provides you with a complex scripting tool that can handle heterogeneous data sets and improve productivity significantly.

esProc Free Edition was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 27th, 2013
esProc Free Edition - By using esProc Free Edition you are able to perform complex data analysis and calculationsesProc Free Edition - From the File menu of the application you have the possibility to import a new TXT fileesProc Free Edition - You can navigate to the Edit menu if you want to add a new row or columnesProc Free Edition - screenshot #4esProc Free Edition - screenshot #5esProc Free Edition - screenshot #6esProc Free Edition - screenshot #7esProc Free Edition - screenshot #8esProc Free Edition - screenshot #9

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