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Using this simple application, you can quickly determine the Benefit to Cost Ratio for an investment, based on negative and positive cash flows

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finCalcs BCR Calculator is an intuitive and user-friendly piece of software aimed at financial engineers and other professionals in this domain, providing you with a means of estimating the Benefit to Cost Ratio, in just a few clicks.

Benefits in working with portable tools

After the download process completes, you can simply extract the archive and double click the executable to start working with the application, as it does not require installation.

finCalcs BCR Calculator can be placed and run from portable memory devices, enabling you to use it at home or at the office, on all compatible systems.

Moreover, thanks to its portability, the program does not generate registry entries, meaning you can remove it from your computer in just a few moments, by deleting it, as it leaves to additional traces behind.

Simple but practical interface to help you calculate BCR

finCalcs BCR Calculator's interface is quite basic, with no particularly appealing aspects about it, as it is only built to serve a functional purpose, and nothing more.

The main window features two main sections, 'Input I' and 'Input II', the former allowing you to enter the cash flows entailed by the targeted investment. You can just type the numbers, without any supplementary explanation, as finCalcs BCR Calculator does not support other characters aside from numbers. The only exception is the minus (-) which is used to signal negative cash flows.

The 'Input II' section enables you to establish the 'Finance Rate', 'Reinvestment Rate', 'Tax Rate', 'Annuity Type', 'Compounding', 'Period' and 'Distribution' values, depending on your individual situation. Last, but not least, you can click on 'Calculate' to generate the result for 'BCR'.

Handy business utility

To summarize, finCalcs BCR Calculator is a fairly basic financial tool, that can assist you in determining the accurate Benefit to Cost Ratio (BCR), based on user-defined values.

finCalcs BCR Calculator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 4th, 2014
finCalcs BCR Calculator - finCalcs BCR Calculator is a simple tool that enables you to determine the Benefit to Cost Ratio in an investment

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