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With this lightweight portable application, you can swiftly calculate the discounted payback period for an investment you made or intend to make

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finCalcs DPP Calculator is an intuitive and easy to handle piece of software developed to assist financial engineers and other individuals who work in the field, in determining the discounted payback period on a specific investment, based on user-defined cash flows.

What is DPP

Discounted payback period, or DPP, represents a more preferred alternative to the payback period calculation, as it takes into account money's time value.

This enables a potential investor to estimate how profitable a project is, by finding out the time period it will take for the investment to break even.

Benefits in working with portable tools

finCalcs DPP Calculator is very simple and straight-forward, requiring almost no experience in working with computers. All users need to do is download the file, unzip the archive and double click the executable, being able to start working with it right away.

Because it does not need to be installed on the system, finCalcs DPP Calculator does not generate registry entries on the host computer, making it very easy to remove through simple deletion, leaving to additional traces behind. Moreover, it can be run from a portable storage device on all compatible PCs, be it at work or at home, without much hassle.

Enter the necessary data and obtain the discounted payback period

The main window of the program enables users to input the cash flows by hand or from clipboard, as it does not feature an import function; it should be noted that it only functions with numbers and no other characters, such as currency symbols, with the exception of the 'minus' (-) to signal negative values.

Next, users can define the 'Finance Rate', 'Reinvestment Rate', 'Tax Rate', 'Annuity Type', 'Compouding', 'Period' and 'Distribution'. Finally, users can press the 'Calculate' button, obtaining their results in a fraction of a second. The calculation cannot be saved or exported, unless users copy each item manually and paste it in a file.

Useful financial instrument

All in all, finCalcs DPP Calculator proves fairly efficient and reliable, allowing users to swiftly find out the profitability of a past or future business endeavor, by calculating the discounted payback period of that investment.

finCalcs DPP Calculator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 6th, 2014
finCalcs DPP Calculator - The main window of finCalcs DPP Calculator allows you to input for cash flows to generate your calculations

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